As we all know that a human brain is the most delicate and main part of the whole human body. The cerebrum directs our body fundamental activities and empowers us to interpret those messages and then all our actions are shaped accordingly. In other words, we can say that all the things we perform and experience are completely directed by our human brain.

Similarly, if we talk about drugs, drugs are the poisonous chemical substances that if taken in higher quantity ca severely affect our brain. Your brain on drugs meddle in the manner in which neuron sends, receives get or process signals to direct actions of our body. Every drug has its different implications and impacts. For instance, drugs like marijuana and heroin interfere in the neuron transmitting process. It enacts neuron as the chemicals present in these drugs works as a neuron transmitter and it stops the working of a natural transmitter. In this way, a brain of the person starts sending unusual or abnormal messages and disturbs the whole nervous system.

What parts of the brain gets affected by drug use?

When a person takes a drug, many essential areas of the brain get majorly affected by them. It disturbs the functioning of those parts of the brain that regulates our basic capabilities. The main parts of the brain that gets affected by the drug abuse are:

1)    Basal ganglia:

It is located at the base of the forebrain and in the middle of the midbrain. The basal ganglion is a critical part of the brain that regulates the positive activities of the brain such as motivation and pleasure that one gets by performing activities like eating, mingling or when have sex. Additionally, it is associated with the arrangement of propensities and habitual activities. This area works as a circuit that connects every node with each other. Intake of the drugs over enacts this circuit and gives a euphoric feeling of the drug. Then the brain gets adapt in a way that it starts wanting more drugs and that too repetitively. Therefore, drugs decrease the sensitivity of the brain and make it difficult to feel delighted from any other activity.

2)    Extended amygdala:

The extended amygdala regulates negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, uneasiness etc.  Intake of drugs in the body withdraws this characteristic and it stops the normal working of the brain. It stops sending the signals of negative feeling and the person doesn’t feel that particular feeling.  Due to this brain starts demanding more and more drugs. Now, whenever that individual feels such feeling of anxiety, anger or depression, he prefers to take drugs instead of feeling uneasy.

3)    The prefrontal cortex

The prefrontal cortex is situated at the front side of the brain. It controls the capacity to think, plan, facing challenges with the issues and problems and endeavor command over motivations. It is the most critical part of the brain especially for the teenagers that made them vulnerable. Disturbance in the whole circuit and areas of the brain leads to lesser impulse control and abnormal actions.

There are some other drugs that affect other parts of the brain which led to an overall disturbance in the whole system such as heart rate, breathing rate, sleeping schedule etc and sometimes when a person continues to take drugs on a regular basis, it can also lead to death.

Effects of drug on the nervous system

Drugs are those chemical synthetics that replace natural rewards of the brain with the drug rewards.  It gives a pleasure or euphoric feeling to a person when he/she takes drugs but for a short period of time. It gives long-term serious problems to the human body. It starts interfering in the natural working of the neuron transmitter which is responsible for regulating our different feelings and then directs our actions towards it. Intake of drugs destroys the sensitivity of the brain and then the brain quits feeling anything anymore. The only thing brain demands are more and more drugs.


Therefore, we have discussed the ill-effects of drug abuse that can cause critical issues in any personal life. Hence, it is advised by all that one should never get dependent upon drugs and realize that our happiness is our own personal thing.