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Many situations occur in a person life that may lead them to be prescribed certain medications. This is nothing out of the ordinary, and the best way to handle these medications is to research and listen to accompanying information for the prescribed drug. There are specific rules laid out that can be helpful in receiving the full benefits of the medication.

Mishandling prescription drugs can lead to them becoming lost, or stolen, damaged, and unusable.

1. Take as Prescribed

Medicines are regulated and dosed specifically for a reason. Certain doses can harm the body instead of helping. Addiction can also play a role so be sure to consult with a doctor before increasing dosage. Follow prescriptions carefully if you are ordering medication online. There are different rules pertaining to each country, so know there may be different processes if you are ordering canada meds or US meds.

2. Follow Directions

Some prescription drugs can not be taken with alcohol, this will cause a chemical change in the medicine and can stop the effects of the drug or turn it bad. If a medicine requires food or drink with it follow those directions to help your medicine work better and prevent a sore stomach from the concentrated drug.

Some side effects occur only because people take incorrect doses, or they forget to have a meal before taking their pills. Medications will specify the time of day and if it needs to be taken with food or a certain time after eating. Everything is a particular science that needs to be followed exactly for premium results.

3. Never Share Medication

Some people think it is okay to share drugs, like prescription painkillers, with a friend or family member who is having a particularly bad headache. It is very dangerous to take medicine that is not prescribed to you. If that friend or family member needs such strong drugs, they should go to the doctor and receive a prescription themselves. Yours may not be right for them and cause internal harm.

4. Track Your Pills

Missing pills can show a problem in someone close to you. If you notice addition pills beyond your dosage missing, think carefully about where they could have gone. If you’re sure they’ve been taken, take extra steps to keep your medicine secured and find help for whoever is taking them.

While this does not always mean theft, that does not mean you should not consider the option in the beginning. If someone is stealing them, the problem can be dealt with before it results in complete addiction.

5. Keep Pill Stored Securely

Pill bottle lids are designed smartly to keep children out of them. No matter how much you trust this encasing, a secure procedure would be also keeping them out of reach completely. Keeping them in a particularly high or locked cabinet.

Even without children around, there is no telling who could happen upon the pills. The most innocent could be a pet, such as a dog or a cat. But if your pills are in open sight-lines, any intruder is sure to pick them up right away.

6. Store Pills Correctly

Specific directions come with each set of medications and there will be details on how to store them to keep them in their most efficient state. This will include certain temperatures and if they need to be kept from moist places, etc.

Proper medication storage is vital to keeping your pills in the condition they need to be in for them to act successfully. If pills become morphed or even begin to combine with fellow pills, they will not have the desired benefits and it will be difficult to tell the correct dosage.

7. Look Out for Rare Side Effects

Many drugs warn of common side effects that may occur with your medicine. However, many drugs have much rarer side effects that could be a sign of a more serious condition. If you experience one of these be sure to contact your doctor right away.

If you are even doubting a symptom you are experiencing, read through the paperwork you receive with the medicine. It will lay out the symptoms and the instances to beware of.

8. Dispose of Unused Pills Safely

People going through garbage in hopes of finding unused pills are ‘pill hunting.’ Since medications can be used recreationally by these hunters, it is hazardous to throw your pills away in your regular garbage. It is even worse if your information is on the label of the pills as you discard them. The people who find this information could have sinister intentions.

There are specific locations even dedicated to unused pill drop-offs, like particular police stations or fire stations. Look up this information if you have any unused prescription drugs.

9. Do Not Mix Prescriptions without a Doctor

Similar to alcohol, certain drugs do not mix successfully with one another. Mixing medications together can cause them to cancel each other out, or combine to create something more dangerous. As long as your doctor is informed about other prescriptions you are taking, they should be able to avoid any unwanted mixes.

Alcohol plays a part with prescription drugs. Follow any directions given restricting alcohol because most prescribed medications cannot be combined with it.

10. Ask a Professional

Should any certain questions arise on your medication do not hesitate to contact your doctor or another professional. There are specifics for certain types of medication that a professional will be able to clear up for you. When you initially pick up your prescription the pharmacist will ask if you have any questions related to the medication. Use this time to express any concerns and clear up any questions weighing on your mind.

Medications cause some adverse effects and if anything happens to your body you are not expecting, seek medical attention.

Use Prescription Drugs Responsibly

Prescription drugs are a powerful tool in our society for helping the sick or injured, but can also be dangerous if not cared for properly. When you are prescribed for medication, you take on the responsibility of handling it well.

Remember prescription drugs will not always have the same effect on everyone, that is why they have to be prescribed by medical professionals. Sharing pills is dangerous to all parties involved. Safe storage, safe disposal, and knowledge on your prescription can guide you to having a smooth experience with your prescription drug.