While taking care of our skin, we often forget that it needs more than just external care. In order to maintain glowing, healthy skin and keep aging at bay, a diet rich in the essential nutrients is just as important as topical treatments. So which nutrients are most beneficial to the skin and where can we find them? Read on to find out.

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Vitamin C and E

Most vitamins are good for the skin, but since we are trying to highlight the ones that are the most beneficial, these two are the first ones on our list. Being very potent antioxidants, they reduce the chances of developing skin cancer and also a few other types of cancers by eliminating excess oxidative stress. The same oxidizing property also keeps the skin firm, fights wrinkles and may even reverse sun damage. These (especially vitamin C) are also necessary for the production of collagen, the structural protein necessary for keeping skin flexible and looking young. Some excellent sources of Vitamin C and E are mentioned below.

Vitamin C: red bell pepper, green bell pepper, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, papaya, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, mango and guava.

Vitamin E: spinach, sweet potato, olive oil, palm oil, almonds, wheat germ, sunflower seeds and avocado.


Also a popular ingredient in topical anti-aging creams, selenium is a super nutrient when it comes to protecting the skin against aging and particularly against skin cancer. It is the most potent sunscreen in existence because selenium is one of those few ingredients which protects our skin against sun damage from the inside by reducing and reversing the formation of sunburnt cells. Selenium can be found in ample amounts inside Brazil nuts, spinach, egg, turkey, yellowfin tuna, sardines, chicken and halibut among others.


If you have ever suffered from acne and pimple problems, a zinc-deficiency was probably responsible. Certain types of acne can leave pretty bad scars and not everyone is able to leave acne behind in their teen years, so zinc supplements are a great idea for those that are suffering from acne problems. By its very nature, zinc cleans the skin from within, reduces excess oil production and clears up pimples and most other lesions quicker than usual. In order to increase your zinc intake, you can eat food items such as pumpkin seed, chickpeas, cocoa powder, cashew nuts, mushrooms, yoghurt, egg, chicken and most other forms of meat. However, since excessive meat consumption can lead to a variety of other problems, it’s best that you rely more on plant sources for your daily intake of zinc.

Beta carotene and omega 3 fatty acids are two other nutrients that did not make it onto the list but are very helpful to the skin as well for their anti-aging properties. The thing is, keeping the skin healthy is a two-way process which must be made to work both internally and externally. An all-in-one skincare solution like Dermaset will directly provide your skin with everything it needs to stay young and beautiful from the outside, but it’s your diet which is supposed to provide the necessary nutrients from the inside. If your body gets them both simultaneously, you won’t have to worry about any skin problems or even signs of aging for a very long time.