6 Types of Laser Eye Surgery - Durrie Vision Kansas City

While contact lenses and wearing glasses may not be a problem for you, other people might face inconvenience regarding the same. As such, they might need a way to treat their vision on time. Although most people believe that natural remedies may help with this, they might not always be beneficial. Therefore, it is best to rely on SMILE Eye Surgery and other better surgeries for a safe experience during such times. If you want to know the best eye corrective surgeries available for you today, you can refer to this article. You can also find out more about bladeless LASIK as you read.

Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK has been the most common choice for most patients today. It has been in business for quite a long time and provides a quick solution to your vision correction. That is why more people are switching to bladeless LASIK these days. This type of surgery also involves laser technology to create an incision in the eyes and treat the problem. Once the healing process begins, you start to see the results without any hindrance. The methodology is what makes this treatment most unique. However, we prefer SMILE eye surgery over all others.


SMILE eye surgery is our ultimate choice when patients ask about the best corrective surgery for the eyes. It is not only bladeless, flapless, and painless but also highly economical for everyone. If you are twenty-two and above, you can quickly get this surgery done to improve your vision correction. The best part about this treatment is that it takes nearly 30 seconds for each eye. So, once you are done, the recovery also occurs quite rapidly. That is why we recommend this over bladeless LASIK anytime. It is also a pretty recent invention and uses computer-guided laser technology to operate the eyes.

Contoura Vision

This one is another corrective eye surgery that can prove to be highly useful for you. It is most known for providing a customized corneal correction. The entire process is carried out using a contoura vision machine that works like magic to help treat vision problems. That is why most people tend to opt for it when in need. However, SMILE eye surgery is still highly recommended over all others for its efficient benefits.

Why Choose SMILE?

SMILE eye surgery is one of our top picks for you when choosing corrective eye surgery. This is because SMILE uses better technology and a faster recovery process. So, if you are looking to recover without any hindrance, this could be your ultimate choice. We also recommend SMILE because it is safer than others and highly advanced treatment for LASIK. So, if you think you need to get your eye treated right away, do not keep waiting. Instead, speak to your surgeon and ask for this treatment on time. We promise; the results will make you feel relieved. So, try it out for the best experience without any delay. We are waiting for you.