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If you have watched any popular cooking shows or even the news, then you’re definitely aware of the healthy eating movement that is taking shape. People are throwing out their frozen T.V. dinners and eating a range of locally sourced foods that might include vegan meals or totally organic fare. While it has long been universally known that organic foods are better for your body, they haven’t always been the easiest types of food to source. Additionally, there weren’t always ways for people living in apartments and homes that lacked yards to seriously think about growing their own fruits and vegetables. At My Gardening Network, people interested in learning how to grow produce in limited space can get information on hydroponics, aeroponics, and even setting up greenhouses in their closets. Discover these three smart reasons to grow organic foods in your very own gardening space.

1. Growing Your Own Produce is Cheaper

It doesn’t matter if you get your produce from a local farmer’s market or an international grocery store chain – growing fruits and veggies yourself is always less expensive. Besides water, seeds, and maybe a bit of fertilizer, the organic foods that you produce in your own garden will only cost you pennies on the dollar. Getting your home garden will cost more than any of the dozens of crops that are yielded in the future.

2. You’ll Know What You’re Eating

This is not to say that you should be wary about what organic farmers are putting on the labels of their fruits and vegetables, but growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and other foods will give you a lot more peace of mind. Imagine being able to walk to your garden, finding a ripe piece of fruit and then eating it right after it’s been picked off the vine. If you use only organic pesticides and fertilizers in your garden, then your produce will be safe to eat right on the spot. If knowing what’s going into your belly is important, then you should definitely setup your own garden.

3. Better Control Over Your Meal Plan

Even if your refrigerator is kept stocked with all your favorite staples, you can end up eating a lot of junk if you don’t have many different options. On the other hand, growing organic vegetables and fruits is a lot like having an in-home adventure. You can plant some winter squash and find recipes for various soups and casseroles that you’ve never tried before. And in the summer, your produce options are nearly inexhaustible. You’ll get more meal options that are actually healthy if you grow your own organic produce.

Eating organic might not make you lose weight or even lower your blood pressure, but it is an overall good idea if you want to have better health. Instead of trying to fill your grocery cart with nothing but organic foods, you can make them yourself at home. Buy organic meats and dairy products and grow everything that comes from a seed so that you can keep your food expenditures down to a reasonable level.