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Healthcare is improving constantly. As time goes on, new medications are invented, new diseases are discovered, and people are living longer and happier lives because of it. Another major factor in healthcare improvement is the internet. The internet has done more than people realize to improve the quality of healthcare. Here are a few ways that going online can improve your health.

Doctor Google

People make a lot of jokes about being diagnosed by “Doctor Google”. When someone has strange symptoms, they use Google to search their symptoms and find a possible diagnosis. This is something that has been annoying doctors for years. People go into the hospital or doctor’s office and tell their doctor what they think it is because the internet told them so, as if the ability to do an internet search discounts more than a decade of medical training. However, while it can be irritating, the ability to look up symptoms can save lives. Someone can look online and realize that a seemingly minor symptom is actually an indication of something much more serious. People are seeking medical attention for things that they wouldn’t have otherwise had checked out.

The ability to do online searches is also allowing emergency rooms to become more useful. Many people run to the ER for non-emergent issues all of the time such as fevers and earaches. Many people now use the internet to find out if an issue is truly an emergency before spending their time going to the hospital. While some people go anyway out of fear, more people are taking the advice of medical blogs and waiting out illnesses, when they would’ve gone to the ER without the help of the internet. Mayo Clinic, Web MD, and the University of Cincinnati all have fantastic blogs people can get information from.

Online Medical Records

Most medical centers use online medical records now. Patients can log into a patient portal and see the summaries of their visits, vaccinations, and all of their other medical information. This makes life much easier when they move, change doctors, or want to see a specialist. People used to miss out on important medical care because they had to wait so long to get medical records transferred. When it comes to medical conditions that need to be attended to quickly, the online medical records make a huge difference in healthcare.

Social Media Discussions

Social media plays a huge role in improved healthcare. Many doctors have jumped on the social media train. They write blogs and share them on social media for their patients. One of the most useful aspects of social media is Facebook groups. People can create and join groups for anything, whether it is parenting, gaming, or to sell items in their neighborhood. Many people with chronic medical conditions join groups for people who also have the condition. This allows people from around to globe to share tips and discuss life with their condition. It is like being in a support group that they can access any time of day. Mothers and fathers in parenting groups are able to discuss illnesses with their children and get advice from other parents who have dealt with them before.

The internet is constantly improving medical care around the globe because it gives patients easy access to important medical information. Learn more about how the internet has streamlined healthcare.