If you’re struggling with how you look when standing in front of the mirror, it affects your ability to go out and live your life. Other people find confidence attractive, so your dissatisfaction can have a detrimental effect on your social life too.

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Here are three ways to look better and give your confidence a boost.

Skin Treatments to Look Younger

Exfoliating the skin is very important if you’re living in a place that has traffic congestion and bad air quality. Air particles can get into the skin’s pores and block them. Dead skin cells then cannot escape. Using an exfoliating treatment is simple to apply and wash off once it’s been rubbed sufficiently into your face. It unblocks the pores to clear the face of older skin cells that are no longer needed.

Try using coconut oil which has plenty of antioxidants to repair the skin after it’s been damaged by the sun. It helps the skin heal sooner and supplies it with much-needed moisture.

Make sure to take multi-vitamins or select vitamins that assist with your skin. For instance, vitamin B promotes skin regeneration, which reduces the signs of aging, and vitamin D helps give skin a healthy glow.

Giving Yourself a Better Anatomical Look

Not everyone is happy with their body shape. There’s a desire to be slimmer but also sometimes to have buttocks that are more pronounced. Perhaps not to the extent of Kim Kardashian, but it can give you curves where you have none.

Being proportionally correct is often what catches the eye of an admirer. Men might want a certain robust type of appearance, but with women, the hourglass curves are typically what they’re going for.

With the process of fat grafting, a plastic surgeon takes existing fat cells from another part of the body and injects them into the target area that needs a more pronounced look. A fat transfer Thailand located surgery also includes enriched stem cells to encourage the fat once injected to stay in the same position post-recovery.

New Clothes for a Whole New “You”

If you’re displeased with the clothes in your wardrobe and feel you can do better, then refreshing your style to something more current may give you more confidence. Rather than getting negative comments about how dated your appearance is, embracing some age-appropriate fashion choices to look hip and trendy does wonders for the first impression you’ll create.

While we tend to think about more direct things to look more beautiful or handsome, dressing to impress also makes a real difference. Not just to what other people’s opinion of you will be, but also to your confidence, which will be evident in how you carry yourself. You can look and feel good without needing to fake it.

Simple things like getting enough sleep and remembering to detox your body every few weeks also helps to avoid looking tired. If you’re always rushing around, you can never look your best. Take time for yourself to relax and stay centred.