4 Tips for Protecting Tooth Enamel - Maitland Square Dentistry Maitland  Florida

Dealing with cavities and painful gums can leave you frustrated and tired. Being proactive about your dental care can help you if you worry about these kinds of issues.

Your gum and tooth health may vary with age, but there are some common tips and ideas that you can follow to help take care of your mouth.

1. Remember to Floss

While most people easily remember to brush twice a day, they may also struggle to remember to floss at the same time. Taking care of your teeth includes getting smaller bits of plaque out from between them, which bigger brushes may not be able to do well.

Using floss often can help prevent tooth decay, which is a problem that may lead to tooth removal Happy Valley Oregon.

2. Limit Hard Candy

One of the toughest foods on your teeth that many people eat regularly is hard candy. The crunchiness of it and the giant amount of sugar increase the likelihood of cavities if you eat a lot of it over time. You may also crack a tooth if you bite down too hard on an extremely tough piece of candy. Mixing up your diet and having a variety of foods, including those with calcium and protein, can help your mouth and teeth.

3. Go to Appointments

Forgetting to visit the dentist for a routine checkup may not seem harmful in the moment, but it can lead to you missing a serious issue with your gums or teeth. Catching issues like gum disease before they get worse can benefit your health greatly. Having your teeth professionally cleaned can also help remove any lingering plaque from improper flossing.

4. Pick Toothbrushes Wisely

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day is often recommended for keeping your teeth clean. The softer part of the toothbrush helps scrub off food particles without harming your outer enamel. Learning more about how to protect your teeth can help your mouth feel and look good.