5 dont’s for your lips


We are well aware of the fact that the lips are one of the most beautiful features that human beings possess! If you ask for my list of the top 5 features, I will surely rate lips in the top 3 features including eyes and hairs. There are many way in which the lips are important to one! The beauty of the lips lies in the way we use it! We have seen in the lines of many famous poets that they define lips as one of the major attractions in case of unrelenting romance.

Leaving the side of romance, the lips of a human also affect the looks, the personality. When a human being speaks, the first thing that gets noticed is the way of speaking. Thus invariably the lips come into the view of the person you are speaking to! Thus, the appearance of your lips is also of prime importance. All this is particularly without looking at the base of healthy relation of the lips.

Well, in the last discussion, I told you about the things that you should do! Now it’s time for you to know and realize the things that you should not be doing to keep your lips in a utter sensuous and healthy stage.

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Here are the 5 things that you should not be doing for your lips!

Tip 1:

Avoid smoking. Smoking leads to burning and pigmentation in your lips that imparts a black color to your lips.

Tip 2:

Do not lick your lips at regular intervals; it makes your lips dry! To add to that the germs that stick your lips gets into the mouth which can in turn lead to various diseases.

Tip 3:

Avoid using excessively flavored lip balm. It makes the lips dry out. Plus the chemicals do not actually help the issues!

Tip 4:

Avoid using toothpastes containing fluorides. Some people may be allergic to it because it not only causes irritation in the mouth but also harms the lips.

Tip 5:

Avoid spicy food. It sometimes causes irritation to the lips of people who are allergic to it. And also makes the lips dry.

These are the basic few things that you can try out easily when aiming to keep your lips beautiful and healthy.

[Note: I would say that the lips are of more importance to the girls as it adds a lot to their beauty and appeal!]