Looking after an elderly loved one can be a tough task. If they are beginning to struggle with their mobility and need more and more help with personal tasks it can be a physical, as well as emotional, strain.

There are all kinds of considerations you need to take into account when assisting with the care of a loved one; you need to keep a close eye on their health, keep up your duties to your family and perhaps juggle work commitments as well. However, it is a rewarding job which will bring you closer to your loved one and can break joy to both your lives. Here are some tips on what to focus on when providing care to an elderly relative.

Get into a Regular Routine

Allowing your care commitments to get in the way of your work and family life is a real danger when providing care. This is where enforcing a regular routine will really help. Allocating a couple hours a day (more or less depending on the tasks which need completing and the help your loved one needs) at specified times will help prevent you taking on too much and provide some stability to both your lives.

Consult the Rest of the Family

Assisting with care should be a team effort with your siblings and any other family member that is close to the relative in question. Make sure you have an open conversation from the start about who can help out when and try and apportion responsibilities fairly. Again, this will be of benefit to your loved one as well as making sure one person is not over-burdened with certain tasks.


Don’t Neglect Yourself and Immediate Family

Many carers suffer from burn-out and struggle with their finances if the responsibility affects their professional life. Source help when you need it. This may come as advice from people close to you, professionals or financial help from the government. Reach out when you need to as it is possible to feel isolated when provided care to someone who has more profound needs.


Look Out for Symptoms of Common Illnesses

Illnesses such as dementia, depression and UTIs are common amongst older people. Ensure you watch out for the symptoms of these conditions and at the first sign book an appointment with a GP. It is advisable to have regular check-ups with the GP anyway to be wary of these conditions and ensure they are on the correct medication at the right levels.

Be Prepared to Get Extra Help

Always keep an open mind about getting extra help in, either in the form of home help or considering a retirement home. Extra Care have facilities in a variety of locations and provide different care packages. If you are looking for care homes in Nottingham, Milton Keynes or Wolverhampton, pay them a visit.