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Valentine’s Day, weddings and parties are simple reminders for those who are single that it would be nice to have a partner to celebrate such occasions. But if your dating life is lackluster, there are things that you can do to reshape it.

Make it a Priority

You don’t need a partner in order to be happy and protect your health. But the joy that companionship and romance brings can be a great added benefit. If you have an appointment book, you probably keep track of important business meetings, doctor visits and social engagements. If you’re looking to retool your dating life, you want to carve out time in your busy day by making dating a priority. Find ways to actively meet people, go on dates and mingle with other singles.

Improve Your Smile

Having a positive attitude is an important attribute when you’re looking to find love. But if you’re hiding behind certain imperfections such as missing or discolored teeth, you may not want to get out there and show your happy grin. Whether you choose veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants or Lunineers, cosmetic dentistry aesthetically boosts your self-esteem. The time and money spent improving your smile will also make you feel more confident whether you’re posting a photo on a dating website or when you’re in social settings.

Try Online Dating

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are a number of interesting ways to meet people. Online dating sites have become quite popular. There also seems to be a site dedicated to people of all ages and varied interests. Check the review sites before you sign up to ensure that it has a significant number of members, and the company is reputable. If you’re a novice, ask for a friend’s assistance when putting together pictures and a dating profile. Because you’re out there meeting strangers, it’s important to practice safety by meeting in public and never giving out financial information. If you tend to go out with similar types of individuals, look beyond your standard dating qualifications.

Do the Things You Enjoy Most

Although online dating opens the doors to meeting people that you may not normally meet, you can still find love by doing the things you enjoy the most. If you love dogs, take your loyal furry companion to your local dog park. Here you’ll get to exercise your pet in a safe environment and meet fellow dog lovers. If you’re passionate about cooking, check with the restaurants in your area to see if they offer classes. For those who aren’t comfortable going it alone, ask a friend, co-worker or neighbor to join you. Looking to improve your health, joining a gym could be good for both your heart and love life. Even routine activities such as a trip to the grocery or lunch and dinner runs will help put yourself out there.

Get Comfortable

No matter if you’re single and never been married, newly divorced or widowed, finding romance isn’t easy. Although you don’t want to become a game player, you want to have an easy air about yourself. If you find it a challenge making conversation, practice on your friends and co-workers in advance of your date. Think of questions that you would actually like to know about the person that you’re meeting in advance. Go over information that you would you like to share with prospective dates. When you feel that you’re ready, you can test out what you’ve practiced by setting up a real date. If something doesn’t work, make a note of it for the next time.

If you feel like you’re the only person in the universe who has yet to find love, you’re not alone. While there are a number of benefits to enjoying the single life, there is something wonderful about finding that special partner.