How to increase you concentration power

If you’re finding your mind wondering while trying to work or focus on a task, you may need to improve your concentration. Here are five ways to boost your focus.

Brain Food

Eating healthily is important for many reasons, but certain foods can help or hinder your focus. Start your day with a breakfast of slow-release foods like steel-cut oats. These steadily release energy throughout the day, keeping you satisfied for longer and not distracted by a rumbling stomach. Energy drinks may seem tempting, but the sugar in them will only stimulate you for a short amount of time, before making you jittery and you’ll lose focus. Try swapping it out for water or green tea, which keeps you hydrated, and in turn, improves brain function.


Hormone imbalances can cause a lack of focus. If you are finding yourself easily distracted, you may be experiencing issues with your hormones, such as Low T or a lack of serotonin. Hormones are incredibly important in regulating the body’s processes, and imbalances can be very serious. Regular health checks can help pick up on any issues, and it is vital to contact your doctor if you feel anything is not right.

Take Breaks

Scheduling breaks into your day is just as important as doing the work itself. There are plenty of articles and arguments as to what the optimal attention span is, but you should work with your brain and notice when you start to feel concentration slipping. Taking breaks means your mind can rest, and you can reward yourself for the work you have done so far. Forcing yourself to work for hours is unproductive and off-putting, so make sure you schedule your day and stick to it.


The environment you are working in can also have an impact on your focus levels. Trying to work in a dirty or cluttered area leaves plenty of room for distraction, so it is important to have a clear, open workspace. Try and open a window for some fresh air and let in natural light if possible. Noise levels can also add to poor concentration, whether that is in the form of colleagues chatting, noise from the street, music, or neighbours. It may be worth investing in some noise cancelling headphones or a white noise machine, to reduce these distractions. Some people work better while listening to music, so if this is you, why not make a calming, focused playlist to listen to?


Getting your blood pumping is another great way to boost your focus. Yoga is perfect for this, as it requires very little equipment and can even be done while sitting in your office chair. Yoga is useful to bring your awareness back to your body. It lets you notice your breathing and emotions and teaches you mindfulness practices that you can bring into your everyday life. Why not include some stretches and positions during one of your scheduled breaks- it will also help with posture, which is helpful if you have been sitting at a desk all day!

Loss of focus can be frustrating, but hopefully, these few tips will help you find something that works for you. This is not medical advice, and it’s important to consult your doctor if you feel anything is amiss. Regular health check-ups will help you keep on top of your mind and body and allow you to be the healthiest version of yourself.