It will be the most horrible morning if you wake up with an unexpected insect bite. Moreover, the situation can be even shoddier if the post-bite effects are itchy, red or swollen. Guess what! It can be spider bite at night. One has to deal with this situation instead of being impatience.

The symptom of the spider bites and the other insects are quite similar. Since you do not see the creature that has bit, you cannot make the difference at all. Only the experts can detect the actual spider bite symptoms.

Symptoms of Spider Bite

Here are some of those symptoms that say that it is definitely a spider bite.

  1. The bite has two puncture marks

It is not easy to perceive, but after watching minutely, you will find that it has two puncture marks. Alas! The chances are that you have the spider bite. The spider fangs cause this type of marks when they prick it on the human skin.

  1. The bite typically doesn’t hurt badly

The bites from the non-venomous spiders hurt less than the venomous one. Sometimes the pain is lesser even than the bee sting. Even most of the time, people cannot feel when they have been bitten until they notice the swelling or reddening of the skin.

  1. The bite hurts and the pain becomes worse

The bite of venomous spiders like that of the black widow, hobo spider or the brown recluse is painful. Depending on which of these spiders bit you, the symptoms of the spider bite and the pain varies according to the sharpness of their fangs. The pain may not be felt immediately, but develop hours later of bite. If you are bitten by a spider and can sense the pain, then it is the time to contact a medical professional immediately.

  1. The affected area swells and reddens

These are two of the most common symptoms when a spider bites. The reddened or the swollen areas are the clear implications that a spider has bitten. The bitten site might turn blue or black after some time.

  1. The bite becomes a soar

Bites from spider may turn into a small sore. However, in most of the cases, these sores are healed within few days. However, in the case of the venomous spider bites like the bites from the black widow or the brown recluse, the sore can be a serious threat to human survival if not attended in time. Therefore, no matter which type of spider bite you had, contacting the nearest medical professional as soon as you discover that it is a spider bite is the only option left.

  1. When there is only one visible spot

What to do when you are confused if the bite is of a spider or that of other insect? Sometimes, it happens that the spider leaves only one visible bite-spot after the sting. Not all spiders have the same aggression; however, the best thing that can be the savior is to consult a medical practitioner who would give the spider bites first aid to the ailing person.


Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is necessary to take all the preventive measures that would help the individual from any types of sting. It is not that if you do not find a spider in your vicinity, you are safe. Spiders can be anywhere and can sting you at any point in time. All that is required is the alertness and promptness in dealing with the situation without any panic. In addition, one needs to be aware of the facts of the spider bites and the remedies surrounding it.  Furthermore you can check for more information about spider biteshere.