With the advancement in cosmetic surgery methods, you have an array of options to achieve the desired figure. One such method is ‘Mommy Makeover.’

It is a combination of several cosmetic surgery procedures that help women to gain a youthful figure. The method is designed to target the saggy breasts, stubborn fat on the abdomen, sagging tummy skin, etc.

If you are considering to get rid of these unwelcome changes to your body and rediscover yourself, it is an ideal option to choose.

But, before you fix an appointment with a surgeon, it is necessary to debunk the myths surrounding the mommy makeover and unveil the truth. Let’s start!

Tummy Tuck And Mommy Makeover Are The Same Procedures

It is one of the common myths that misinform women about a mommy makeover. Though a mommy makeover may include a tummy tuck, both the terms can’t be interchanged.

A mommy makeover isn’t a specific procedure, but a set of several cosmetic surgery methods that are tailored to suit the individual needs. Depending upon what you want to achieve, a mommy makeover can include liposuction, breast-lift, butt-lift, or a tummy tuck.

Mommy Makeover Is Designed Only For Moms

With the name of the procedure, it is easy to assume that the method is meant for mothers. However, it isn’t a prerequisite to have children to undergo a mommy makeover.

Hormonal fluctuations, weight, aging, etc. can affect the shape, as well as the posture of your body. And, the women who haven’t been pregnant can benefit as much as those having kids.

Only ‘Young’ Moms Are Suitable For Mommy Makeover

Another common perception that needs to be debunked is only young moms (or young women) can get in shape with this combination of cosmetic procedures.

However, the fact is that mommy makeover has nothing to do with your current ‘mom’ status. But, the surgeon will advise you to wait until your family gets completed. The reason is, if you get pregnant after getting a mommy makeover, it may change the shape of your body again.

It Includes Surgical Procedures Only

The next myth is that a procedure is called mommy makeover only if it involves surgical methods. A tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction are the three most common methods included in a mommy makeover.

But, it doesn’t restrict you from combining non-surgical treatments in your plastic surgery. The objective of a mommy makeover is to provide you with a makeover taking into account your needs.

The Recovery Is Quite Painful

There is no secret that you need to recover after any surgical procedure. But, it isn’t understood why people consider it difficult to recuperate from a mommy makeover. Perhaps, it is because the makeover involves a combination of surgeries.

But, combining the surgical procedures means you have to schedule a single recovery period to get healed. Also, many of the women find it easier to recover from a mommy makeover than their C-section.

The Procedure Causes Serious Scars

This common misconception seems to target your fears. Though every surgical procedure results in some scarring, an experienced plastic surgeon ensures that the scars heal as soon as possible. Also, some women consider the well-healed, hidden scars worth the improved physique they get after the makeover.

Mommy Makeover Is A Substitute To Healthy Lifestyle

Remember, no surgical procedure or medicine is an alternative to living a healthy lifestyle!

For example, liposuction is a commonly involved procedure in a mommy makeover. But, it delivers the best results to those who have achieved an ideal weight to get the surgery done.

So, consider this combination as a way to complement your healthy lifestyle, and not as a substitute. It is essential to follow a healthy diet, exercise plan to maintain your post-surgery physique.

Another thing to remember is that adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t expel your need to have a mommy makeover!

Postural concerns such as stretched-out abdominal skin or deflated breasts require advanced cosmetic procedures. So, you can’t consider both things as mutually exclusive.


Every individual has different requirements to achieve an attractive physique. With an array of cosmetic surgery methods, anyone can achieve the goals. Knowing about the truth behind mommy makeovers, you would be able to take a step towards the surgery with confidence.