Working out is a great way to ensure that you stay in healthy (especially during lockdown), strengthen your muscles and bones, and enhance your flexibility. However, often people realize that even when you work out regularly sometimes you lack the energy to finish the workout. Good nutrition and a good workout go hand in hand, and the foods and supplements people eat before exercise can make or break their success.

While some people may have protein-rich foods after a workout to repair their muscles, they fail to provide their bodies with the correct foods to boost their energy before a workout, which leaves them either completely worn out after the exercise is over, or they even fail to meet their goals during the workout itself.

Sometimes, energy supplements are the first solution to come to mind, but the food you eat can also have a big impact. Diversifying your energy strategy can help you figure out what works for you, whether you stick to natural foods like we discuss here, use energy supplements and vitamins, or try to experiment with Sativa strains. It’s always wise to check with your physician before deciding to try something new. The best answer often involves intelligent use of all the tools at your disposal. Let’s look at some of the readily available foundational foods that can get you started or enhance your existing workout routine.


Carbohydrates are also known as energy-giving foods, which makes them perfect for eating before hitting the gym. With its complex carbohydrates, oatmeal is one of the best ways to ensure that energy levels are up and blood sugar levels are stable during your workout session. The complex carbohydrates are slowly digested, which means that the oats release energy gradually to the body, maintaining constant energy levels, which makes it possible for people to work out harder and for longer periods.

Oats are also rich in vitamin B and are useful in converting carbohydrates into energy. Oatmeal is inexpensive and easy to make as only hot water is needed, and for some more energy, people can throw in some protein powder or a tablespoon of almond butter. For maximum performance, it is best to eat it around an hour before hitting the gym to allow the body enough time to digest. It is also important to ensure that all those foods are in good condition before eating to prevent any food allergies or stomach upsets during the workout session.


Looking for a reason to have a glass of yogurt before a workout? Yogurt is packed with carbohydrates that come in the form of simple sugars like galactose and lactose. Since they don’t need a lot of time to get digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, they give an energy boost almost immediately after consumption, making yogurt a perfect supplement to take on the way to the gym.

Greek yogurt specifically is one of the best because it is loaded with probiotics that keep people’s bones strong with Vitamin D and calcium. It is also rich in muscle-building proteins, which will keep muscles strong during a weightlifting session.

Its ability to keep someone feeling fuller for longer is also another advantage because hunger is one of the things that might make it hard to concentrate.


Bananas, also called nature’s power bar, are a pre-workout favorite for many workout enthusiasts and athletes, and with good reason. According to a study done by the Appalachian State University, bananas have the same advantage as energy drinks so far as providing people with the right energy spike they need during a workout.

With a healthy mix of natural sugars plus the nutritional value of nutrients like fiber, magnesium, vitamin B6, and potassium, bananas are what everyone needs to have to ensure steady energy levels before working out.

People can have them plain, mix them into a fruit salad, pudding, or a smoothie.

Almond butter

Almond butter is another great snack to bite on before heading to the gym, and not only because of its sweetness and simplicity but also because of its nutritional benefits. It has high levels of protein, calcium, and good types of fats. While it compares to peanut butter nutritionally, almond butter has higher amounts of iron and vitamin E, which are good for your muscles.

People can have almond butter by spreading it on some apple slices, a slice of whole-grain bread, or add a tablespoon of it to a smoothie.


Everyone knows how sweet berries can be, and sometimes they are irresistible. Well, there is a perfect excuse for everyone to have them before hitting the gym because they are packed with carbohydrates in the form of natural, simple sugars.

Those high levels of carbohydrates are instantly absorbed into the blood, providing the levels of energy needed to keep going in the gym. They are also great in boosting people’s brain functions, which not only boosts their memories but also helps them focus throughout the gym session.

Blueberries can be eaten plain as fruits or added into a smoothie, fruit salad, or pudding. They can also be eaten fresh or dried.

Trail mix

Also known as a hiking staple, trail mix is a perfect snack to throw in a pre-workout energy boost snack. The raisins offer a quick boost of energy while being easy on the stomach.

People can also add in some almonds or other nuts that are not only high in protein levels but also have the perfect level of heart-healthy unsaturated fats. Almonds are also rich in an antioxidant that helps the body utilize oxygen better, delivering better workout results.

The unsaturated fats and proteins in the nuts are also perfect for people who want to build muscle mass.

Whole wheat bread and eggs

This is the perfect combination for someone who is looking to boost their carbohydrate and protein levels. The carbohydrates in the whole grain bread will back up the energy used during workouts while the fibers keep the blood sugar levels even.

The eggs will provide the necessary proteins that the body needs to keep the muscles intact and also help in building more muscle mass and help avoid hunger cravings during the workout. The eggs can be eaten fried, scrambled, or boiled and can even be used to make a sandwich with whole-grain bread.


While it is important to eat these foods for energy boosts, it is also important that people consider when you have them (such as before the workout) to give your body enough time to digest them. Health is complicated and everyone’s body is different, so make sure you focus on the things that are working well for you and consulting with a physician before making significant changes or taking drastic measures. Tips like these are great tools to build a solid foundation of dietary health to reinforce the work you are doing when you exercise.