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Today we give you the keys to increase the bust without surgery. Enough of complexes, we uncover the secrets of many famous.

There are several ways to increase the bust without surgery, such as doing exercises, resorting to another series of clinics where they offer alternative methods to surgery or even dress tricks to visibly increase the chest. Do you want to know what they are? We begin

Tricks to increase the bust without surgery

Surely you’ve already heard about this new technique. Now the last thing to increase the bust, is to extract fat from other areas of the body where there is excess, and then injected into the breasts. It is also known as liposculpture or lipofilling. The truth is that it is a very useful technique, which leaves no scars and without resorting to surgery to increase the bust.

It has no complications, given that the injected fat is from the patient itself, so there is no rejection, the implant is not broken and it does not harden. The chest grows naturally, with a pleasant touch.

The only requirements are the following:

  • That the patient has excess fat in some part of the body
  • Do not intend to increase your chest more than one cup
  • Hyaluronic acid to increase the bust without surgery
  • There is another possibility to increase the bust without having to resort to surgery. This technique involves the infiltration of hyaluronic acid in the chest to increase the volume.
  • The acid has a higher density so it does not disperse and remains in the treated area. It is natural for the body and leaves the skin soft. Its effects, in addition, are immediate, and this technique does not leave scars and does not alter the functionality of your chest.

Radiofrequency to increase the bust

More and more beauty centers have firming breast treatments that also increase their size. The  radiofrequency , fight against flaccidity thanks to the firming effects of it, which improves by 60% the appearance and touch, enhancing the elastic fibber , recovering the fat.

The true results are appreciated by the sixth week, perhaps somewhat slower than the other two techniques above.

Increase the bust at home is possible

It was known for the revolutionary cream that increased breast size after continued use. Incredible but true!

Now back stomping with BrestrogenBreast enhancement containing tissue extracts that nourish, moisturize and even change the morphology of the chest. It’s #1 rated for the best bust firming creams and have been designed in FDA accredited facility.

However, when it comes to breast enhancement cream, you have to be very consistent and apply it daily to see results.

Exercises to increase the bust naturally

Our favorite to increase the bust, is this type of exercises. There is nothing like exercising at the same time you increase your breast naturally.

PushUps, to increase the bust without surgery

The push-ups of the chest is one of the essential exercises and of great help to increase the chest , since besides strengthening the arms , they will strengthen your pectoral muscle , which is under the breast tissue, and will make your chest look more volume.

You can do several repetitions, depending on the intensity of this exercise, which varies with the distance you put between your arms.

Another super effective exercise to increase the chest is to put the feet up lying down with the hands under the hip, but with the elbows bent outwards.

You should try to stretch your arms, lifting your chest only with the strength of the same arms.

Do it once and rest ten seconds, then repeat. Repeat the exercise 20 times. Each time you do this exercise you can feel the muscles in your chest and arms tense and relax.

Swimming without pool, perfect to increase the bust

If you can go to practice swimming regularly, then, great! But tranquillity, if you do not have a pool nearby, you can do it without water.

How? First stand up, very straight and move your arms as if you were doing free style, always with your arms tensed and trying to move your trunk as little as possible. Do more than 10 repetitions per side daily. Being constant you will see results.