It’s cold. It’s wet. You’re already sneezing, and the blizzards haven’t even swept into town yet. If you’ve been carrying around tissues and just waiting for the flu to strike, you should know that it’s actually quite possible to go the entire winter without getting sick. You just have to follow these seven tips!

1. Bundle Up

You’d be surprised by how many people whine “how can I be sick?” after spending time outside with no jacket, hat, scarf or gloves. If you’re going to be spending more than two or three minutes in the cold, make an effort to bundle up. It doesn’t matter if you’re just shoveling a few inches of snow off the driveway. Take precautions now or pay for it later.

2. Get More Nutrients

There’s no excuse for not eating your veggies! Even in the middle of winter, there are off-season greens like spinach and kale that you can use to get your daily recommended values of vitamins and minerals. You can even skip the veggies if you’d prefer to take a supplement. Just make sure that you’re getting those nutrients into your body.

3. Get Your Shots

Flu shots are recommended for everyone, not just kids and the elderly. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll be immune to the virus just because you’re young and strong. The flu can and has taken down many healthy, able-bodied adults, and you don’t want to be next.

4. Wash Your Hands

People can get lax with their hand-washing habits when they spend too much time in fuzzy mittens, but don’t let their warmth fool you. Unless you’re washing your gloves as regularly as your clothes, you probably have bacteria building up inside of them with every use. You should wash your hands like usual to prevent this bacteria from spreading.

5. Use Hand Sanitizer

What if you don’t have access to soap and water? Buy a few mini-bottles of hand sanitizer from the travel section of your local grocery store. They won’t be as good as hand-washing, but they’ll kill off enough germs that you’ll reduce your likelihood of getting sick. As a bonus, they’ll fit into your purse or backpack with ease.

6. Invest in a Light Box

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can make you feel tired, mopey and depressed in the winter months. You’ll need to counter it with the use of a light box. They simulate natural sunlight in a way that can perk you up both physically and emotionally, so don’t be afraid to try one.

7. Get More Exercise

You might not be able to jog through six inches of snow, but you can still turn on your treadmill or do some step aerobics in front of the TV. If you don’t have any exercise equipment at home, consider signing up for the gym. They often run membership discounts in the winter because they’re eager for more customers during the slow season.

These are just a few suggestions for staying healthy in the dead of winter. Don’t forget to check out things like Health Insurance Innovations, too. You can get a lot of useful information from Health Insurance Innovations professionals, and you might just need it if December’s chill gets the best of you.