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Excessive alcohol consumption cans double the chances of having cancer in different parts of the body. The ethanol that is present in all types of alcoholic beverages has a damaging effect on the cells. This often leads to errors in the DNA as cells attempt to repair themselves. Here are the some of the common cancers that are caused by too much alcohol.

1.   Breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the commonest types of cancer in the world. People, especially women that consume alcohol frequently, have low folate levels, and with family history, are at a high risk of developing breast cancer. More so, alcohol can increase estrogen levels which are a hormone responsible for the proper growth and development of breast tissues. It goes without saying that factors such as age and hereditary also play a major role.

2.   Mouth cancer

People that take alcohol and smoke tobacco have a higher risk of ending up with mouth cancer than the rest. This is because alcohol promotes the absorption of toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes. The cells of the gum, lips or sides of the mouth are usually affected when it sets in. Some of the symptoms of mouth cancer are a swelling or ulcer that is over two weeks and red or white lesions in the mouth. Diagnosing this condition early can assist a patient to recover fully.

3.   Nasopharynx cancer

Nasopharynx cancer happens in the pharynx and it’s a result of cells that undergo genetical mutations. It’s accompanied by a sore throat, coughing, weight loss, difficulty swallowing and a noticeable change in the voice. Heavy drinkers and smokers are at a very high risk just like other types of cancer. The bottom line is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

4.   Liver cancer

Alcohol can lead to serious liver damage and cause cirrhosis as time goes on.It will make the cells to grow at a very fast rate.This can prevent the liver from healing itself and functioning properly. The best thing is to stick to the daily alcohol unit guidelines and start an effective alcohol detox program immediately.

5.   Bowel cancer

It is also referred to as colorectal cancer and begins in the colon or rectum. As a matter of fact, it affects people that are over 60 years more than other age groups. Its common symptoms are bloody stool, visiting the toilet frequently, anemia and abdominal pains. Going for screening as early as possible can guarantee a successful treatment.

6.   Laryngeal cancer

Laryngeal cancer can be found near the glottis (the vocal cords) or the supraglottis(above the vocal cords). The easiest way to minimize one’s risk of getting this type of cancer and the rest is to stop alcohol and smoking. Age, poor nutrition, and HPV (human papillomavirus) infection can predispose an individual to have cancer.

7.   Esophageal cancer

This type of cancer occurs in any part of the esophagus or gullet. The cancers that are present in the lower and upper part of the esophagus are called squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinoma respectively. Cancer that is found at the lower part of the gullet is known as gastroesophageal junction carcinoma.

It can be very difficult to stop alcohol addiction without professional help. A recovery plan that suits the individual’s lifestyle and needs will be designedonce s/he is ready. Some of the ways to stay healthy during and after the treatment include eating a balanced diet, quitting smoking and exercising regularly.