Did you just recently welcome motherhood? You can’t even get sufficient time to sleepwhich may leads to various skin problems like dark circles ( Use Eyevage for complete Eye Treatment). So, are we kidding you when we tell you to put on some makeup too? How on earth can that be possible, huh? You, carrying around your baby with you.  Five minutes into the shower and the little angel starts screaming, looking for mum-my, and you have not even started to scrub yet.

Changes, changes. We all have to deal with them at different points of our lives. You certainly are not planning to just leave and forget about looking amazing and just let momhood play out.  Perhaps, you’ll have more time to fix yourself when your baby’s a year older, maybe when the baby turns 3. Or, maybe not!  You shouldn’t feel guilty allowing yourself 15 minutes of me time.

These 8 tips will help you get back your pre-baby bump glow, even when you have to keep racing back and forth to take care of baby.

  1. Prioritize Healthy Skin All The Time

No makeup can cover up, much so disguise unhealthy skin.  So, the best that you can do to your skin is to give it the best care you can give it everyday. Cleanse thoroughly but gently.  Tone to unclog your pores. Select anti aging wrinkle cream like Stemuderm which not only repair lines, wrinkles but  also moisturize your skin. Never leave your skin bare and completely susceptible to environmental stressors. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy.  Motherhood will keep you up most nights so get as much sleep  or nap as often as you can.  Consider supplementation if you’re chronically getting not as much sleep as you need.

  1. Exfoliate Your Skin And Your Lips

Exfoliate, physical or chemical — it does not matter, as long as you do it every other day.  Exfoliating takes off dead skin cells and impurities likely to clog your pores, infect your skin, and cause you to breakout.

  1. Prime Up Your Skin

Since nude, naked makeup is what’s going to work for a busy mom like yourself, take the most time priming up your skin. Cover with a lightweight foundation and conceal skin imperfections. You get this right, girl, and you’re half-way through achieving beautiful, made up skin.

  1. Contour, Bronze Or Strobe

Choose one and add a little bit of drama to your complexion.  These flatter your skin and make it appear so much healthier. Apply your contours, bronzer and strobes to high points of your face, including your forehead, bridge of your nose, brow bones, top of your cheeks, and your chin.  These are what will make you look like you’ve lost all those fats you gained during pregnancy.

  1. Frame Your Eyebrows And Curl Up Those Lashes

If a smooth, flawless complexion is the first commandment of great makeup, well-framed eyebrows are second. Keep your eyebrows well-trimmed and shaped everyday. Get a semi-permanent eyelash extension. Just 30 minutes of your time or less can get you perfectly curled lashes to last you for at least three months.

  1. Put On Some Lip Color

Since you are wearing a very simple, very nude makeup, you have the choice to either take the dainty mom look all the way to your lips or, to go va-va-voom with a bold, lip color.

  1. Give Your Hair a Permanent Straight Or Curl

Again, always think how very little time you have when you need to prepare. So, why not get gorgeous hair everyday and have a permanent hair treatment done on you.

  1. Quick Pamper Your Nails, Soles And Toes

The only things you need are a toe brush, a nail file and petroleum jelly. Find time to do this everyday to keep your nails clean.


It is so much better to keep your skin well groomed everyday than have to makeup for less-than-perfect skin when you need to. Remember, you’re not only taking care of your hand bag now, you also have a baby bag to fill with diapers, changing clothes, milk and what not.  So, you’re not going to have a lot of time.