8 Breathing Exercises for Anxiety You Can Try Right Now

Anxiety is easy to get, but hard to live through.  It can change the way we sleep, eat, and interact with other people in our daily lives.  Fortunately, although stressors are more abundant than ever, there are also more ways to deal with it than ever.  CBD is known to work exceptionally well against anxiety; here are eight ways you can make it work for you.


1- Slow Breathing Practice

One of the symptoms of anxiety is a faster rate of breathing.  You may feel light-headed, dizzy, short of breath- and these can make it difficult to focus on anything else.  If you vape CBD oil, it will force you to slow down how quickly you’re breathing.  By breathing in slowly, holding it for a moment, and then releasing it: you’re showing your body how to regulate your breathing.

2- Replace One Habit With Another

Although this phrase doesn’t always mean something good, CBD is nonaddictive and non-habit-forming.  What I mean by getting a habit out of it, is when your anxiety starts to peak, instead of doing something self-destructive you can instead vape, or chew a gummy.

3- Time On Your Own With Something To Focus On

One major way to back down for an anxiety attack is to ground yourself in the ‘now’ and give yourself something new to direct your focus.  By focusing on the preparation of CBD, either by preparing a crumble or setting up a vape pen, you let your mind remember that right now, you’re okay, and you’re safe.

4- Better Understanding of Your Stressors

As you discover how CBD works for you, you’ll start to notice when you want to use it.  Does it come up more in the morning?  Do you find yourself reaching for it before bed?  By paying attention to when you use CBD, you’ll discover what triggers your anxiety.

5- Slow Heart Rate

Another symptom of anxiety is a quicker heart rate.  CBD slows heart rates and will let the adrenaline drain out of you before you drive yourself up a wall.

6- Taking a Long Drink

Along with the idea of keeping yourself grounded, another way to do that is by making a drink and drinking it.  You can mix CBD oils and tinctures into drinks to allow you to bring it into your body slowly.

7- Unwrinkle That Brain

Anxiety and stress physically shrink and wrinkle our brains.  This shrinking can damage our brains and make it harder to recover from stress.  In studies, CBD slows the shrink and reverses the damage that caused it.

8- Problem Solve

By reducing your anxiety, CBD gives you the chance to take your stress into your own hands.  It can aid you in working through a stressful job, or getting over a hurdle in life that you feel has been holding you back.  Without the stress to focus on, all you need to do is move forward with your life and work past it.

You aren’t your anxiety, don’t be afraid to take steps to knock it out of your life.