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A Fort Worth body sculpting procedure can reshape and tone one’s body with ease. It all begins with a consultation with a body sculpting clinician. The professional details the basics of the procedure, how it can reshape the body and how it could possibly help one get the figure they desire. The clinician will evaluate the patient’s body from several angles and pinpoint the regions that require fat removal.

It’s worth noting that body sculpting is not a one-size-fits-all method to decreasing body fat. Every patient has unique needs, so a nuanced treatment plan is necessary.

Here are some of the benefits of body sculpting.

  1. It Eliminates Excess Fat

Body sculpting helps to get rid of unwanted body fat. Many people have some unsightly bulging fat that makes them feel uncomfortable. Such people can take advantage of body sculpting. The procedure helps to dissipate undesired body fat surprisingly fast.

For example, many patients freeze away excessive fat from their inner and outer thighs. Other people turn to body sculpting to get rid of the unsightly muffin top. Additionally, there are other body sculpting systems that treat multiple body regions at one time. After all the unwanted fat is eliminated, one gets to enjoy the sculpted form they have been hoping for a long time.

  1. It’s Safe and Almost Painless

The procedure of body sculpting is a bit cold. The system offers controlled cooling via an applicator. The aim of cooling the skin is to target the unsightly fat and freeze it away. During the procedure, patients get a feeling of intense cold in the starting stages. However, the feeling only lasts for up to ten minutes as the target region is fully numbed.

Most body sculpting applicators use a vacuum to suck the fat tissue straight into an applicator cup. That can cause the patient to feel a slight tugging or pulling sensation. But the slight discomfort should not worry anyone.

Controlled cooling is totally safe and almost painless. Some patients are even able to multitask during the procedure by maybe taking a nap, reading a magazine, or operating a smartphone.

  1. It’s a Sugar-Free Treatment

Although it may seem a bit strange to expose one’s body to low temperatures that freeze fat away, there’s no risk involved. Body sculpting is proven to work and does not require any surgery. That means one will be able to go back to their daily routine after the treatment without worrying about potential discomfort. Actually, some patients return to work straight after a body sculpting procedure.

It’s possible to experience tingling, cramps, pinching, aches or tugging in the treatment regions, but those sensations do not last for long. As soon as the target area is numb, one will not feel anything at all. The area that receives treatment may appear a bit red, swollen or bruised after the session, but those effects usually disappear in a few days or weeks.


Body sculpting is a fat eliminating technique that many have been longing for. Get in touch with a doctor today to discuss body sculpting in greater detail and know who is a good candidate for the revolutionary treatment.

For people who have those regions of their body that refuse to shrink even after conventional weight-loss methods, tolerating it is not the only option. The medical team at Skin Deep Laser provide SculpSure® laser contouring to assist in decreasing those problematic regions. The effective procedure eliminates the nuisance fat cells, leaving one with the physique they want. Residents in Fort Worth, TX can call the practice or schedule an appointment online.