Five Foods to never eat

While looking for some health tips on the web, you might fight plenty of write-ups reading dos and don’ts of dieting, some effective tips to lose weight and so on. Most of the people read those, feel motivated for the time being and promise themselves to follow the tips religiously. However, the very next day, when it’s the time to wake up early and take a walk or go exercising, all promises are instantly broken or snoozed for the next time. So, the question is – how many of you actually manage to follow what is being advised?

Your thought process Vs the reality

Dear reader, when it comes to healthy eating, it does not always necessarily mean that it has to be hard on your pockets or you have to avoid eating some types of food. If you are looking for something like, five foods to never eat or food products you should avoid while dieting, then you should be ready to accept its consequences as well. That’s because, avoiding a certain type of food for long can be both positive and negative for your body and that depends on plenty of factors, like your age, health condition, gender, medical history, etc.

Not all tips are meant for you. Therefore, do remember to seek expert advice before getting started. Here are some easy tips for you that can help you beyond dieting:

  • Try to eat the food when it’s fresh. Stale food might make you ill.
  • Avoid shopping groceries when you are feeling hungry. Your human instinct might instigate you pile your shopping cart unnecessarily.
  • Go for the food that’s rich in fiber content, like vegetables, grains and fruit. Such food items keep your tummy full and help in detoxification of your body.
  • Having raw fruit is much better and healthier that drinking readymade fruit juices. The former good both for your stomach and your pocket. Jokes apart, most of the expensive juices don’t have the goodness of natural ingredients.

Your body is the best alarm clock

Do you remember the last time you woke up in the morning without feeling fatigued? Is your morning alarm is no less than a nightmare to you? If yes, then try to decipher the signal your body is giving you. Possibilities are, your diet and eating habits are not on the right track. You might find your food plan to be sensible, but it might be lacking something you don’t have the idea of. Not all diet plants are compatible with your own unique metabolism and BMR. So, understand your body’s hints and eat accordingly.

A little example

A useful source of yours might advice you to cut off beef from your diet forever. The reason – red meats are not always healthy and lead to many serious health issues. Undoubtedly, the reasons established above are right. However, it might not be meant for you. Your body might need to have red meat. Just on the basis of the advice and not even giving a second thought to it, if you happen to stop eating beef, you might not be doing the right thing. In fact, not including beef in your diet might lead to a number of health problems. Yes, commercial beef and other meat products might contain preservatives, additives and hormones, but healthy and natural options are also there. That’s why, it is advised to have a balanced diet and not restricted diet. Eat wisely, live healthy!