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Tazorac 0.1 is one of the hottest selling products on this online shop. Before checking out the Tazorac 0.1 cream price, you shall check out the uses, dosage and benefits of using this product.

This product is basically manufactured for the treatment of acne. This product is elated to Vitamin A and it is known as an retinoid cream/gel. The purpose of this medicine is to help the skin cells grow rapidly and healthily.

If you find this medicine in the form of foam, then it is only supposed to be used on acne prone skin.

Its usage

You will find patient information leaflet inside the package. Do read it carefully before using this product on your skin.

The use of this medicine is very simple. First of all wash and dry your hands well before applying the medicine. Then wash and dry the affected area. Just take a drop and apply a thin film on that affected area, then just gently rub or apply it as prescribed by the doctor. Applying it once a day is quite sufficient.

The dosage also depends on the severity of your acne and the way your skin responds to the treatment. In case you are using the foam, then shake well before you use. This form is inflammable so avoid using it near fire.

Remember, this is totally a topical product so try avoiding its contact with eyes, mouth, vagina, open wounds or scars. If it happens then immediately rinse the area and do see a doctor near you.

People with eczema shall also avoid using this product anyway. Moreover, never cover or apply any kind of bandage on the area where you have applied the cream.

Wash your hands after applying the medicine.

Use the medicine on regular basis for the best and quick results.

Never try to increase the frequency and quantity of the medicine just to get quicker results. It would just worsen your condition.

Discontinue using this medicine in case the treatment is not benefitting or worsening your acne.

Potential side effects

There are no serious side effects of this medicine but you may experience mild itching, dryness, scaling or burning on the skin. If these side effects last for longer then discontinue the application and talk to your doctor.

There are rare chances of developing any serious side effects. However, you must discontinue the use if you feel intolerable or unbearable side effects like dizziness, swelling of face, throat or tongue, heavy breathing and painful rash.


In case you have any sensitivity to the products that contain vitamin A, then do share this with your doctor. Moreover, if you have any other skin related problems line eczema or sunburn, then it has to be discussed with the doctor.

The application of this medicine may make your skin sensitive to sun so try to limit sun exposure. It would be safer if you would wear a good quality sunscreen lotion before stepping outside your house in the sun.