You’re loading your car for your drive to college and to your new dorm, but have you packed everything? If you’re missing some essential oils for aromatherapy purposes, then you haven’t finished your back-to-school shopping! If you think therapeutic aromas have no place in the dorm, think again. Here’s what you need to know.

Reduce “Funky” Smells

If you’re lucky, your college does a thorough cleaning of all rooms so they have a neutral scent when you move in. However, the truth is usually at one extreme or the other. Overcleaning can leave a lingering smell of chemicals and soaps that is difficult to sleep in. On the other end of the spectrum is a cleaning that doesn’t address the accumulated smells left by previous students. A strong diffuser and the gentile scent of lilac or lavender can bring your room to move-in readiness.

Aromatherapy and the shared bathroom

A common layout in a dorm is that everyone on one floor or in one wing share a bathroom. There are multiple showers and you are expected to bring your own toiletries. A cream or oil that you apply at the end of your shower can fill the stall with calming aromas that help you start your day off feeling refreshed.

Getting Ready for Midterms

Who decided that every class should give important exams at the same time? That seems to be how midterms were created. You can have a trick up your sleeve with some aromatherapy in your dorm. Start with something uplifting, like cinnamon or lemon, while studying so you can stay on task on the material. The night before exams, use lavender or tangerine before going to bed.

Aromatherapy and your dorm room are made for each other. Using the power of soothing and energizing smells can give you a leg up on the competition in your college. Your roommate can also benefit from your forethought, possibly leading to a lasting friendship. After picking some oils, don’t forget a diffuser or two to encourage the aroma to spread out. Coordinate your scents with your toiletries so you are always a breath of fresh air at a party or study session.