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If you have constant back pain or pain in the spinal cord, you should immediately get it checked in a specialized clinic. Although the back pains can be a simple stress or strain in your back due to the long working hours of the modern world, there is a possibility of it becoming Cauda Equina and there is an option also cauda equina negligence. It is the root of the nerves in our back bone near our tail end. In the Cauda Equina syndrome an individual might develop a condition in which the nerves get coiled up. As a result a lot of problems can be caused.

First and foremost the herniation of discs can be caused. Because of this the individual might face a lot of pain in the lower back. Moreover it would be hard to move for them. Although the disease is rare in case of normal human beings, it can be contracted by anyone whose profession involves a long duration of standing, sitting or straining the backbone. It is not easy to detect the syndrome in the initial stages however the recent modern technologies like computerized axial tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the body have made it possible to be detected in the early stages itself.

It can be cured and hence it should be diagnosed immediately

In most cases people for whom the diagnosis is early, a corrective surgery can be performed before complication of the issue. Having said that it is to be noted that not all doctors are capable of detecting this and at times a doctor or a radiologist can overlook the cause of the syndrome and hence make the condition worse for the patients. In such cases the where the patient has not been properly diagnosed by doctors, the doctors are liable to provide treatment to the patients free of cost and also to give them the compensation. In such cauda equina negligence cases one has to prove convincingly with the medical records, scan reports, case history, prescription of medicines and other data to support the claim which can be a handful for ordinary person or for that matter it is hard even for lawyers who do not have a background or knowledge in medicine.