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Bemer devices are the result of countless hours of research and testing, in the field of physical vascular therapy.  Bemer devices work with the help of electromagnetically transferred stimulation signals that facilitate the movement of blood through blood vessels.  This movement is critical for life and for health.

One such device, is the Bemer Light therapy applicator, a module for alleviation of skin conditions, impaired wound healing or cosmetic use. Its highly effective red light ensures additional formation of connections that are rich in energy in skin and connective tissue cells. Bemer Light therapy is particularly suited as an alleviating measure in the case of: acne, eczema, cradle cap, neurodermatitis psoriasis, skin injuries, warts, and much more

Bemer Light therapy normalizes and improve circulation when applicated.  The Bemer Light therapy is not just meant for the sick or the ill, but also people looking to improve their everyday skin health. Bemer devices improve restricted circulation in the smallest of blood vessels, in turn leading to an improved self-healing and regeneration process of the body’s cells.  This is evidenced in healing time, physical and mental energy, and overall general well-being.

The Bemer Light therapy device aids in improved macro circulation (dilation of blood vessels), improved micro circulation (opening of capillaries and increase in capillary blood flow), more efficient transport of oxygen to the red blood cells, improved cell metabolism, and a strengthened immune system.  With those conditions improved, the body’s cells can now fight most of their “own battles”. The result is the subsequent improvement of many chronic conditions involving the human skin.

Bemer Light therapy consists of varied durations while the body is healing, and more abbreviated sessions for the most basic of maintenance and recovery. Bemer Light therapy can be used in personal and professional settings at the discretion of the user.