Aquatic therapy is a treatment that is safe and effective for most patients. The treatment is designed to ease the pain of your sports related injury. There are several sports therapy Toronto facilities that offer aquatic therapy.

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is an exercise program that is performed in the water. The exercises are performed in a heated therapy pool in the facility, and you are instructed and supervised by a qualified aquatic therapist.

Aquatic therapy is used to treat injuries such as muscle strains, shin splints and ankle joint sprains. It can also be used to reduce the ailments of fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic pains.

If you are suffering from an injury, here are several benefits of aquatic therapy.

Promotes Muscle Relaxation

The warm water increases the blood circulation around your sore muscles, and this causes your muscles to relax. The water also increases your comfort by providing weight relief to your body. The relaxation gives you a break from the pain as you work to heal your muscles.

Increases Muscle Strength

It is harder to exercise in water because it is resistant to quick movements, and this means your muscles have to work harder to complete certain exercises. When your muscles work, they become stronger and begin to heal from the injury. Your aquatic therapist uses water as a form of resistance training to strengthen your muscles.

Increases Joint Flexibility

Water decreases the effects of gravity and causes the injured area to float, and this allows you to move your joints without feeling unbearable pain. The warm water also relaxes your tight muscles and increases motion in your joints. You are more motivated to exercise when you do not have to worry about the pain of moving your joints.

Improves Balance Without Risks

There are certain exercises that increase your sense of balance, but the fear or possibility of falling puts a damper on these exercises. However, the viscosity of water allows you to practice these exercises without the risk of injury. The reduction of gravity gives you more time to react and keeps you from falling.

Aquatic therapy allows you to practice water exercises without making your injury worse. The circulation, strengthening and flexibility of your muscles decreases pain and promotes healing.

You can start feeling relief from your injury or chronic pain by looking into aquatic therapy.