Yoga Health Benefits: Flexibility, Strength, Posture, and More

Benefits of yoga and meditation are many fold. It is good for your holistic well-being, period. For those who believe in rigorous workouts and sweating it out, have to agree that yoga and breathing Powerful meditation are more effective than any workout at the gym. Its benefits are plenty, and range from mental health to muscles, tissues and even cells. Let us discuss the effect of yoga on muscular system. It is more than being a form of exercise, it changes your body at a cellular level.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation on Muscular System

Yoga balances your entire body. From a musculoskeletal perspective, the body which is made of uncountable cells, which form tissues, organs and systems. Yoga balances the tissues around the joints. Similarly, it frees up the tissues and makes them more flexible. One of the many benefits of Yoga and Meditation is that it brings more space to your body.

Secondly, yoga is responsible for altering the fluidity in the body, thereby lessening any stiffness. Our body constitutes of 60% water. The fluid in our joints and spinal column make for the compressive forces in our bodies, providing them with shock absorption. More movement ensures hydration of the tissues, which doesn’t let us feel stiff.

Moreover, one vital benefit of yoga and meditation on muscular systems is that it allows us to be more pliable and keeps joint pains and disorders at bay.

More Yoga – More Movement – Less Diseases

People who regularly do yoga and breathing meditation are able to feel the change almost immediately. They feel more space in their body. Regular yoga and breathing meditation reduces the risk of heart disease, improves lower back pain, improves the quality of asthmatic people and reduces anxiety. Yoga stealthily changes lives in various aspects.

However, that being said, one cannot just have one yoga class and assume that he/she has implemented cellular change in their body. To fix all kinds of imbalances in our body, we need to practice yoga regularly over a period of time. As yoga expert Ms. Heinmann says- “We are a vibration of cells, and yoga is a tuning fork- it just tunes us up and we can feel it.”