• In today’s life who doesn’t want a curved body, off course all wants to look fit but for this you need to give your time and money as well. Money is not the actual problem actual problem is time.  In today’s hectic life it’s hard to get time for gyming . Some purchased the dumbbells so that they can do exercise as per their convenience.
  • That’s why dumbbells is gaining the popularity, as it is easy to store, easy to use, easy to take away but if you have regular dumbbells it might be kind of headache to you. It takes lots of space, time consuming in setting up the desired weight and somehow risky as well. To get rid of these regular dumbbells we have something for you.
  • Adjustable Dumbbells vs regular Dumbbells
  • Advantages of adjustable dumbbells are numerous, but it doesn’t  mean that regular dumbbells are nothing, if you have big house having big room with air-conditioned gymnasium having long rows of regular dumbbells then  it’s ok but generally it doesn’t happen  so instead of having different weights of regular dumbbells it’s better to buy one adjustable dumbbell.
  • Just a single pair of adjustable dumbbells having different weights will fulfill your all kind of weight adjustment according to your routine and workouts. More importantly it will save you’re a lot of space and money off course.
  • Introducing modern day’s adjustable dumbbells. It is easy to use, easy to handle, easy to store and easy to carry as well. Now you are wondering that Market is flooded with lots of adjustable dumbbells and it will be a hard task for you to choose the best adjustable dumbbells.  But you need not to worry about this just follow our guide to select your best adjustable dumbbells.
  • You can get full details about Best Adjustable Dumbbells here
  • Today everything is available online so buying dumbbells online is a great idea instead going to shop by shop to find your desired dumbbells. These days people are purchasing clothes online for which they need to keep their size fitting into mind but in case of dumbbells it’s not like that just go watch, read features, check price and purchase.
  • Bowflex SelectTech 552



It is on my top list, manufactured by top quality home gym equipment. So Bowflex SelectTech is a great in terms of adjustable dumbbells, each dumbbell comes with 15 different weights from 5lbs to 52.2 lbs and you can adjust in handy 2.5lb increments.

In Bowflex SelectTech 552, adjusting weight is piece of cake, as to adjust weight you need to just turn the dial and it’s done. This features allowing you a hassle free workout.

It is great just great in all terms features safety, price and design. It comes with 2 year warranty and free workout DVD.

It is great product comes in $ 299, which is so great in terms of budget, Only con that it have limited max weight of 52 lbs which is good for the beginners but not for pro.

Here you can read the full review of Bowflex SelectTech 552.