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Looking to start a blog on children’s education? If so, you owe it to yourself to study other blogs in the category. You want to look at their site design, what kind of content these blogs are publishing, and how they’re engaging their audience. Getting the right information will allow you to start a blog that has a higher chance of succeeding. Here are some o the best K-12 education blogs we’ve found followed by an explanation of why we think they’re worth paying attention to.

1. Edutopia

Edutopia is a beautiful education blog that targets teachers and parents of students. The site has a solid color scheme that helps content blocks stand out. It is very clean and well organized. The layout also alternates which keeps things interesting and engaging. This is a great blog to study if you’re trying to come up with design ideas for your blog.

2. Steve Hargadon

The author of the blog, Steve Hargadon, is focused on writing about all aspects of education from classroom coordination, developing students, and social issues that students face. What makes his blog interesting is that he holds webinars and live events which takes things to another level in terms of engaging with his audience.

3. Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler is a blogger that works closely with Google Classroom, a platform that’s becoming more popular with educators. She shares many tips and resource for educators on the technological side of things. Educators will learn ways to enhance their classroom environment by using the right tools. They’ll also get many tech tutorials that will help them learn how to use the latest edtech tools.

4. Niche Blog

Niche is a valuable resource parents can refer to guide their students through their education. They cover various topics like applying to college, getting children prepared for kindergarten, saving for higher education, and more. Their content is really well thought and offers practical advice that you can apply to help your kids succeed.

5. Getting Smart

Getting Smart is a really well designed education blog for educators and parents. It has a simple and visual driven design that supports the content. It has a well-organized menu and a layout that’s eye catching. The blog is focused on the category of technology. It discusses everything from STEM programs, computer science, classroom technology, to alternative learning methodologies for students.

6. TeacherTube

TeacherTube is a very unique concept that will benefit both students and teachers. It is a hub of video tutorials across all topics such as math, English, history, and more. This is a great resource for teachers because it allows them to watch videos that are relevant to what they’re learning. It will also help teachers since they’ll be able to refer the resource to their students and use some of the videos in their course.

7. Edudemic

Edudemic is a beautifully designed blog that focuses on education and technology. The blog puts emphasis on photos for most of the design. The layout does a great job in distinguishing different content. As for the content itself, it is targeted for both students and educators. Both groups will find quality content they can use to improve performance in the classroom.

8. Cool Cat Teacher

Cool Cat Teacher is a technology focused blog and does one of the best jobs in introducing EdTech and other solutions to educators. The blog does a great job in teaching educators how to integrate technology. Similar blogs focus more on preaching to educators about how great technology is. But if you’re interested in bringing technology to your classroom, this is the blog to turn to.

9. Mindshift

Mindshift is one of the most authoritative blogs in the K-12 education category. The blog focuses on advancing learning solutions. It offers new ideas, approaches, and strategies to improve upon or add to existing education programs. It’s a great blog for principles and educators that want to experiment with different ideas to create a better environment for students.

10. Bau Teacher Adventures

Blogger Sarah Bau is a teacher that is always trying new things to help educate her students. One of the most interesting topics she’s written about is using Minecraft to teach students about how real estate works. She’s been referred to as one of the most innovative educators and deserves your attention if you are an educator looking to try new things.

11. Catlin Tucker

Catlin Tucker is another innovative educator who specializes in blended learning. She has authored several books in the category to help introduce the ideas and strategies for educators and organizations that are moving towards this direction. You’ll learn some great content on blended learning as well as tutorials on how to use technology for the classroom on her blog.

12. Tales From the Classroom

Tales From the Classroom is a beautiful minimalist blog that utilizes a hero image and great typography to draw your attention. This is unique blog in that it talks to parents about what’s happening in our schools. The information allows parents to deal with problems in the education system and learn how they can further the education of their children.

13. Laura Bradley

Laura Bradley is another leading educator that is changing the way teachers are leading their classrooms. She puts a lot of emphasis on writing and has created a program designed to write a novel in 30 days. If you’re an English teacher or parent that wants to improve the reading and writing ability of your kids, pay attention to what Laura Bradley is doing.

14. Teaching Above the Test

Teaching Above the Test is a blog that presents other ways to learn beyond the study and take a test route. It explores how to use project based learning, gamification, and other strategies to teach students. The methods posted on the blog are not only engaging to students, they are also entertaining. This results in students enjoying the learning process and getting more out of their classroom sessions.

These are some of the best K-12 education blogs you’ll find online. Again, you’ll want to study them to see what kind of content is being published, how they sites are designed, and how they’re engaging their audience. You’ll walk away with many valuable ideas you can use for your own blog.