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Your muscles will definitely grow a lot if you do heavy squats. However, you are often hard-pressed to find a workout type that can come with numerous benefits. If you are aiming to develop your lower body, then squats will undoubtedly be the best option. However, sometimes the normal back squat does not work well with everybody, and if you go through long periods of heavy squatting, it may lead to injuries. You might have heard about lifters complaining about back problems or knee and hip injuries. Working extra hard in order to obtain massive gains is not always the best way to do things, as there are some exercises that you can do at a high frequency and intensity that can leave you with chronic injuries. While there is no problem with being aggressive in your training, it is important to modify whatever you do in training to make it less harmful.

Try this variation: hand-supported “Hatfield” squats

This type of squat uses a safety bar, where your hands will be holding a barbell placed in front of you, or at specific handles. You can also put your hands on the rack while squatting. It is important to do the movement with the aid of a safety squat bar, as it can balance on your back, allowing your hands to be free and thus providing extra support. Using your hands, you will be able to push through a position in the squat that you usually find to be your weakest. The extra support enables you to control the lowering part of the lift, which in turn takes the pressure off your back. You can also complement your workouts with anabolic steroids from a trusted Steroidsfax for optimal results. This variation will not only enable you to gain the benefits of squatting, but it will also give you an excellent strength and muscle-building workout. Remember, racking and un-racking, as well as working out with heavy weights, will require great focus and high concentration.

Do not get cocky

You can end up ruining the whole thing if you overload the weights. Having the full support of your hands can enable you to do more work with even more weights, which may lead to this overloading. It is crucial to resist the urge of adding extra weights than what is recommended. The fact that you feel you can execute the movement with additional weight does not give you the right to increase the weight. Your goal should not be to kill it on the first day. Instead, perform this exercise wisely and you will progress appropriately.

Should you try this movement?

If you are a lifter who has been marred with injuries, then this is the best option for you. With this movement, you are able to exert less stress on your spine and also take away some pressure from your shoulders and wrists. With time, as you continue to do the exercise, you will be able to increase your ability with heavier loads. First, start with lighter weights and more reps, and then later you can add more weight. Doing the normal squats at a higher frequency has been proven to be difficult for some people. The hand-supported squat can be an excellent option for these kinds of people.