Muscle and body building is no longer restricted to the male species. Women too are now getting actively involved in the art of body muscle sculpting.Professional fitness models have to be very dedicated and disciplined to get a great body and keep it.  Good genes help too. Here is a brief for the body building exercise schedule.

The breakdown

For instance, the upper body and chest exercises are broken down into major and minor pec groups. The major pec muscles have 3 important groups as do the minor pec muscles.  He trains each group for the best outcome during each session.

The second part of the training is to understand how secondary muscles work while primary muscles are being trained.  This is essential so that this set of muscles is not getting exercised two days successively as recovery time is important. Examples of secondary muscles in the upper body are triceps and deltoid muscles in the front of the body.  Make sure that muscles have time to recover – the James Ellis routine has plenty of recovery time built in.


Some of the exercises include

  • Flat Dumb bell bench press
  • Incline bench press with barbells
  • Decline hammer chest press
  • Incline dumb bell fly
  • Fly machine for pecs
  • Gironda dips for the minor pec muscles

Main Exercises for the whole body:

  1. Day 1: Chest and Shoulder exercises

Some of the exercises to do are the bench press, incline press, shoulder raises, pec exercises, dumbbell presses for the shoulder and pecs.

  1. Day 2: Back and Trapezius muscles

Deadlifts, lateral pull downs, bent barbell rows, back extensions and barbell shrugs will help to build a well-defined upper body.

  1. Day 3: Leg exercises

Leg presses, calf raises, squats, lunges and hack squats are the quickest way to get definition in your lower body.

  1. Day 4: Arms

Dips, chin ups, close grip bench press, barbell curls, cable push downs for the triceps and dumbbell hammer curls are some of the exercises for sleek arms.

Start slowly and add weights so that you get a tough work out at the end of the day – ensure that it is done with good form.  Mix it up and work with a trainer so that you get the best out of your gym and a great looking body.

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