People in this modern life style concentrate on maintaining slim body structures and good facial contours. To achieve this, high end technological devices are being developed constantly along with advanced level of treatments. Sono Bello is the most popular body and facial sculpting studio that provide well known cosmetic procedures to male and female separately.

Latest & Popular Treatment

Laser is the latest technology that has changed the course of treatment in the medical field. Research scholars and highly experienced physicians skilfully use this laser technology for treating their patients and this really came out well. Usage of laser has definitely eliminatedthetraditional way of surgery and patients are much relieved by this safe method in treatment.

Micro Laser technology

Micro laser technology is the much advanced form of treatment that is effectively used in the field of body and face sculpting field. This is very much used for lifting lipo and facial structures. Moreover, this micro laser technology is very efficient in stimulating collagen production especially in the areas where the laser has penetrated. This effective collagen production leads to firm looking youthful skin. Hence, this is also more suitable for treatments that need to tighten the skin. In addition, this micro laser technology is best in removing fat for the purpose of ‘Trisculpt’ procedures in body contouring.

Treatment areas of women

Faceis the main part of the body that changes as age proceeds with the individual. The facial skin will get down sagging, eyes along with the eyelids start drooping, puffiness under the chin and eyes show away and hence the face loses its youthful appearance. Middle aged women and men go for face lift procedure which will create a youthful appearance.

Abdomen is the next area in the list that starts carrying extra fat known in various terms such as belly bulge, spare tire, stomach pooch and more. The extra fat must be removed and the skin must be tightened to get the youthful appearance.

Upper and lower arms are another troublesome area which have flaggy and saggy skin that needs tightening. Women who suffer with this problem cannot wear short sleeves, tank tops and sleeveless tops. The reason for this condition is more weight, aging, genetics and mainly lack of exercise.

Areas around the legs are really very difficult to get rid of. The fat once accumulated in buttocks, thighs and legs do not easily go away whatever exercises are carried out. Wearing skinny jeans and remaining a slim fit person gets spoiled because of this troublesome fat. Body sculpting techniques like ‘TriSculpt’can tighten the skin, shape the buttocks and help to get back the legs people ever dreamt of.

Back portions are special areas for female patients who need to concentrate more on them. The mid back, general back area and bra rolls are popular areas to get treated by the body sculpting centres. Fat gets accumulated and causes the areas to lose their shape. The more fat is deposited on these areas, the more ugly they become.