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You cannot look after one or the other. To be healthy and happy, you need to tend to both. Otherwise, you can suffer from poor mental health or physical ailments, which can, coincidentally, impact one another. If you, for instance, do not engage in enough physical exercise, you could be more prone to depressive thoughts. What’s more, if you suffer from depression and leave it untreated, you may not have the motivation to look after your body.

To care for yourself is a must, yet many of us fail to make or find time that is wholly dedicated to our well-being. If you are wondering how to bring harmony to your body and mind, consider the following.

Disconnect with Social Media

Firstly, to reconnect with yourself, you need to disconnect with the online world. Many of us spend too much time online, posting about our days when we should, instead, be living in the moment. A digital detox can help with your mental health, as looking for affirmation through ‘likes’ from friends and strangers can be harmful to our psyche. We become addicted to the pleasurable feelings we experience when someone enjoys our photos, and soon enough, we are going about our lives, looking for something for Instagram. The next time you are watching a TV series, rather than ‘live tweet’ the occasion, leave your phone in the other room and enjoy the show without digital distractions.

Exercise More

Every human being should exercise each and every day. It is recommended that a person should engage in 30-minutes of cardio every day. Not only will exercise release endorphins, a chemical that can uplift your spirits and give you an additional burst of energy, but you will be able to stay in shape and improve your confidence regarding your physique.

There are many ways to add more exercise into your daily routine. You can head to the gym in the morning or after work, play in a sport, walk to work, or make sure to walk during your lunch break.

Unwind with Relaxation Techniques

If you suffer from anxiety, there are many techniques to help reduce stress. You can breathe, focusing on the long, slow and deep breaths that can stop you focusing on the stressful elements around you or plaguing your mind, you can practice in yoga, or you can unwind with holistic therapy from, where you can treat yourself to a range of massages, positive thinking counseling and mental relaxation.

Practice Good Thoughts

While we are all prone to negative thoughts, you should not listen to the voices that are talking poorly about you, whether it be about your looks, your capabilities, or something you did incorrectly a couple of days ago. When negative thoughts present themselves, bury them with positive affirmations. For every one negative thought, counter it with two positives. Have a journal so that you can see the good written down on paper. Spending more time thinking positively can help condition your mind to think highly of you, rather than poorly.