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WordPress is no stranger to major design overhauls and upgrades and the coming year won’t be any exception to the rule. There are already some positive changes planned for the WordPress CMS in the first quarter of 2019 and many users are excited about the prospect of using the upgraded CMS. Read on to find out the various ways the popular Content Management System is expected to change throughout the first quarter of 2019 and see how the updates will benefit you as both a website owner and a WordPress end-user.

Improved Website Editing 

The biggest changes that you’ll notice as a WordPress website owner in 2019 is the replacement of WordPress’ WYSIWYG editor. The current editor which is beloved by many is being welcomed with open arms by those who have gotten to test it in its beta phase. The new editor is called Gutenberg and will focus on unifying many of the tasks and features that most WordPress website creators have to browse the dashboard to perform from various places.

You will be able to edit your posts, pages, and media all from one editor interface with the new Gutenberg editor that will be standard with the latest WordPress release in the first part of next year. This is especially helpful to users who aren’t used to the current system and become frustrated when looking for menu options that are often tucked away on separate pages and sub-menus.

Better Caching for WordPress Websites 

One of the best changes being announced for WordPress in the first quarter of the coming year is the addition of a new cache system that will decrease load times for many WordPress websites. In order to make use of the hyper-cache system being released for the 2019 WordPress versions you will want to ensure you have optimized WordPress hosting that won’t slow you website down beyond any cache and regular element loading times.

More Meetups and Increasing Support 

The WordPress development and marketing teams have been increasing official support for community meetups and conferences over the past year or so. This trend is expected to continue throughout the first quarter of 2019 and there is some evidence that WordPress is focused on helping community members plan and organize such events in the near future.

There is a WordPress meetups widget on the admin dashboard of some versions of the CMS and it’s expected to expand in functionality as 2019 comes around. This will help users and WordPress website owners contact others in their region who build with the CMS and will help leaders in the web design and development communities engage with others and pass their skills and knowledge on more effectively.

Drag-and-Drop Changes 

As 2019 rolls around the calendar’s corner you can expect to see more drag-and-drop functionality being brought to the WordPress platform. This is especially helpful for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of hours learning programming languages and coding like JavaScript and instead prefer to install new features to their websites with the click of a mouse button.

Not only will these changes be brought on by the aforementioned Gutenberg editor but the templates and themes released by popular third-party WordPress developers like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster are making use of these tools as well. Almost every premium theme released for the WordPress CMS by the first quarter of 2019 will likely include a drag-and-drop system for moving frontend elements and customizing your homepages.

Security Upgrades for WordPress in 2019’s First Quarter

One of the most helpful changes coming to WordPress early in 2019 is the addition of new security features for site owners and end-users. You can expect more two-factor authentication options both as a user and an administrator which should dampen hacking attempts quite a bit as next year progresses.

You can also count on changes to the core WordPress CMS code to eliminate vulnerabilities like those often found in PHP and XML. These changes will make your life easier and your WordPress hosting more secure, as the CMS is currently considered very safe but nonetheless is prone to malicious code and spam like any other technology.

There have already been some strong indications that spam will be a focus of many WordPress development companies as well as the core development team early in 2019. New anti-spam applications like Akismet will be making use of machine learning and enhanced coding libraries to detect and remove spam before it’s even indexed as a part of your WordPress website as the year progresses.

The WordPress CMS is an evolving product that is used by millions of website owners today. This secure website platform often undergoes changes and plenty of positive changes have already been planned for it for the coming year. Make sure to keep your WordPress installation current to gain the benefits of the new developments being released for this CMS each quarter.