Unfortunately, Cancer is said to be one of the most common conditions amongst Indians and the sad part is that India is listed as the third highest in cancer deaths in the world. Among various diseases, cancer has become a big threat to human beings globally.

Cancer is difficult to beat but it’s not impossible! Hence, when it comes to cancer, it’s important to remember that early treatment is the best treatment. Cancer is notoriously stealthy, so it’s important not to miss those cues.

 Ignorance and denial leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment; Other than the fear of invasive treatment, disfigurement and financial burden, the ill-placed belief that a cancer patient will always die makes patients and their families refuse specialised treatment.

High cost of treatment is the most significant hurdle to cancer treatment for majority of people.

But When it comes to treating cancer, hospitals in India are one of the best Hospitals in the world today.Indian hospitals have the finest surgeons and right from the hospitals, to the treatment and surgery techniques, equipment used, and post-treatment care as well as cost, Hospitals in India are among the finest.

Over the period of last few years, India has emerged as one of the leading nations for the treatment. This is primarily because of two major reasons – the highly affordable cost of medical treatment and quality of medical service and expertise available at the top-notch hospitals within that price range.

What Are the Causes of Cancer?

The causes of cancer are varied and differ based on the type and location of cancer. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, and use of tobacco in any form like smoking, sniffing or chewing are some causes of cancer. Exposure to chemicals, fumes, UV and radiation environment are some other factors can lead to many types of cancer as well.

Certain types of cancer can also be passed down genetically. Some cancers like breast cancers are seen more often in those who have near relatives with the disease. Hepatitis B or C is known to increase risk of liver cancers. Human papilloma virus increases risk for cervical or oral cancers.

Cancer Stages

There are mainly 4 stages to any type of cancer. Each stage represents the size and extent of the tumours and the body parts the cancer disease has affected.

Stage 0: This is the beginning stage of cancer. At this point the cancer is only at the place it has started. It has not spread to other parts of the body and can be cured, though follow up is needed.

Stage I: The tumor has begun to grow into surrounding tissues but not rapidly.

Stage II & III: The tumor begins to grow further into tissues surrounding the starting point of the cancer. The tumor has also grown in size. It has also spread to the lymph nodes of the body.

Stage IV: By this stage the cancer has spread to other organs in the body. This is also known as advanced cancer.

Why to prefer Hospitals in India?

Hospital in India such as Apollo hospitals followed by theMedicity, Apollo Hospitals, Fortis and Max Healthcare house have best oncologists in India. In addition, these hospitals offer special packages to the cancer patients travelling from abroad and also take care of their boarding, lodging and food needs.


India is one of the best destinations for cancer treatment. Primary reason is the cost factor.

  • India is one of the leading countries with affordable cancer treatment. By offering quality medical services at minimal cost, India helps give a new lease of life to thousands of cancer patients travelling from other countries.
  • The cost of cancer treatment in India is less than what it costs in other Western countries offeringsimilar level of medical care.
  • The best hospitals in India are at par with any other leading hospitals in the world and are equipped with the latest technology used for the treatment of cancer patients.

support system and familiarity:

  • It is believed that the kind of support system that one gets in this country is unparalleled.
  • It works psychologically -Indian hospitals offers more positive and definitely more comfortable environment to its patients surrounded by friendly doctors.

India is at par:
It is believed that, Nowadays, when new are drugs introduced abroad — they are simultaneously launched here and are easily available here.

  • It is evident from hundreds of people coming here for cancer treatment from the West And that proves the country is one of the best in this field.
  • The majority of cancer patients come with advanced disease, lack information, have limited means and no insurance cover to speak of. On the other side, India is witnessing a proliferation in the number of private cancer hospitals providing utmost care to its patient.

Cancer symptoms:

The symptoms of cancer depend on the type of cancer the patient is affected by. In general, the severity of cancer symptoms comes from the size and stage of the disease. When the cancerous tumor grows unnoticed it starts to affect and push into surrounding organs. This can cause a number of problems ranging from fevers, aches and pains, to discoloration of the skin. The cancer symptoms also depend on the location of the tumor. A brain tumor for example, can cause serious health concern with even the slightest growth.