A heroin addiction is sometimes hard to defeat. One of the best ways to rid the body of the drug and to get back on a healthy track in life is to enter a rehab program for heroin addiction, but you might not know what to look for when choosing a center. If you don’t seek the best help possible that offers the correct supervision, then you might find that it’s still going to be difficult to resist the urge to use the substance while at home.

Find a program that is accredited and that has licensed workers. Avoid programs that you read about that simply offer someone for you to talk to as anyone can listen to the problems that other people might have. You need the help of a medical professional who can help detox the body and get to the root of the heroin usage. There is often a trigger in life that you might be depressing, so it’ important to be able to speak with someone who can help find out what that issue is from the past or present.

Look at the treatment options that are available in the program and the effectiveness of the program. Talk to others who have been through the program to see how they are doing with drug addiction. It’s best to find out if you have any hope for success from someone who has experienced what you’re dealing with instead of blindly entering the program. Ask about any aftercare services that are offered. If you plan on staying off of heroin or other drugs, then you will need support while you’re at home. Your family needs to be on board with your decision as well so that they can offer the most support. A referral can be made to another type of recovery service so that you can continue counseling or learning about the effects that drugs have on the body.

There are a few different types of programs to look for depending on how much time you want to devote to getting better. A residential program is where you will enter a facility, usually for 30 to 90 days, so that you can get help without the temptation of drugs. Intensive treatment is offered as there are counselors and medical staff on hand through the day. Drug testing will be done, and there are classes that you can take that relate to basic life skills, education and drug therapy. Group and individual sessions are offered.

A partial hospitalization program is when you would go to a hospital for a few hours a day to get the medical treatment that you need for the addiction. You would only go a few days out of the week instead of being there every day. This is an option for those who have a stable home environment and the support of family and friends who will help you stay away from any kind of drugs. An intensive outpatient program is similar, but you don’t have to go to a hospital for treatment. You will meet with a counselor three to four times a week for a few hours. The goal of this type of program is to prevent a relapse and is often offered after leaving an inpatient facility. Hours are scheduled so that they don’t interfere with work or school.

Counseling is an option if you are new to using heroin and haven’t become fully addicted yet. This is something that you want to use in conjunction with other treatment options. Family and friends can go with you to the sessions so that they understand a little more about the usage and how to help you stay away from the drugs.

If you are severely addicted to heroin, then a sober living option might be something to think about after leaving an inpatient center. You will live with others who have been through similar issues. It’s not a permanent living arrangement. However, if you don’t have a home to go to, then it could be an option so that you are in a safe environment. There is sometimes a counselor who will come by to talk to those who live in the home, and there are support groups offered as well.