ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a very important aspect of emergency medical treatment. You need to prepare for the exam, appear for the ACLS and pass the exam, in order to be eligible for providing emergency healthcare services. The competition is increasing by the day, each year thousands of individuals appear for this exam.

Preparedness is the best way to clear the examination. One should not be nervous and concentrate on what should be studied and what should be left out. There are countless doctors, ENT specialists, Nurses, and Fire Fighters, who were at your place and are now successfully pursuing their career. This article will provide you an insight on how to prepare for the exam and get the best results.

Studying various case scenarios

Major share of the ACLS course consists of Case Scenarios. One should always be very particular about it. Don’t only study the main case scenarios, but one should widen the horizon by studying various other case scenarios. With the advent of technology, there are some general additions in the operating procedures of case scenarios, which should be kept in mind. One should be able to understand the signs and symptoms from a specific situation and provide the treatment accordingly. Studying various case studies will help you master this part.

Algorithms is the game

Major part of ACLS would also cover Algorithms. They are flow chart that represents the procedure that has to be followed in case of an emergency. Generally speaking, this forms the basis of any medical knowledge. It means the difference between life and death when you are actually working at the ground level. So one should always make sure to memorize these algorithms by heart and follow the standard operating procedures in case of an emergency response. The Algorithms that have to be learnt by heart are:

  • V-Fib
  • V-Tach
  • PEA
  • Asystole
  • Tachycardia
  • Bradycardia

Memorizing the T’s and the H’s

The T’s and the H’s form the basic conditions that a patient could suffer from. They are presented in the form of a mnemonic. This becomes very vital to clear the ACLS exam. The H’s and the T’s are as follows:

  • H’s: Hypovolemia, Hypoxia, Hydrogen Ion (Acidosis), Hypothermia, Hyper or Hypokalemia (Potassium).
  • T’s: Toxins, Tension Pneumothorax,Thrombosis (Pulmonary Embolus), Tamponade (Pericardial Tamponade), Thrombosis (Acute Coronary Syndrome).

Understanding the ECG

Understanding about the heart rate and the rhythm are the key component of understanding a patient’s condition. This is possible only if you know how to read an ECG properly. Therefore, it becomes very important to know and read about the ECG. ACLS also test you on this aspect, which should be studied carefully.

The best way to clear the ACLS exam is practice. Only practice can make you perfect, and this is the ultimate success mantra. ACLS classes San Diego provides quality coaching for the ACLS exam. They have a very experienced staff, which pays individual attention on every user. The test results are presented section wise, with a detailed graphical analysis so that one can learn about the weak areas and improve upon it. To be the best, you should choose the best.