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One of the biggest downers of growing old is not the ageing process in itself but the fear of your immunity decreasing and you falling prey to various illnesses. As you grow older and start a family, it is important that your family is taken care of in case of an unfortunate illness or tragedy. Good financial planning in important not only to pay your hospital bills but to make sure that you can care for your family in the long run.

With CritiCare+, you will not have to worry about being burdened with financial issues in case of any critical illness. This insurance policy will help you with your financial needs so that you can direct all your energy into getting back to perfect health. 

The key benefits of this policy are:

This lumpsum is guaranteed from the day of the diagnosis .

This is a one-time payment and you will be getting more than four times of the amount invested in the insurance policy

There is a Multi claim option

Under this insurance policy, you will be assured payment 3 times. 

A major benefit of this policy is not just the multiple payout option but you will also get to waive your premium off after the first payment! 

Other Benefits: 

– If you are opting for the multi-claim option, you do not have to worry about figuring your finances later, in the event of you falling seriously ill again. The claim will ensure that you can concentrate on getting well instead of worrying about financial security. 
– Tax benefits are also available by choosing CritiCare+. You can file for returns under Section 80D and Section 10 of 10D under the Income Tax Act of 1961. 
– The premium is low enough for you to afford a good insurance plan! 

CritiCare+ insurance policy is created with your best interests at heart. When you are facing a number of life changing decisions, your financial situation should not be your main concern. With CritiCare+ you can easily focus on what matters more without worrying about providing for your family.