It is true that physical pain can cut right down to the bone. Not only does physical pain show up in the form of bruises and scars, but also it has somewhat of a mental effect on you. It makes you hesitant and scared to enter certain engagements. Sure, physical pain might prove to be the most physically hurtful of all pains, but it really is the mental pain that cuts the deepest. Physical pain only lasts until it heals, but mental pain can last forever and that is why it is more important than ever that you know how to deal with it properly.

Know Who You Are Dealing With

The first and most important thing that you need to know is that if someone is putting you down they have probably encountered difficulties in their life. They might be physically stronger than you, but their mental capacity has been diminished by the conditions that they were forced to live in. Maybe they are being beaten and put down by a superior. Maybe their putting you down makes them more secure in their own insecurities. It is highly likely that the person that you are dealing with has experienced some kind of trauma in their life.

Agree With The Assessment

If you are an assertive person it can be hard to ignore a putdown. You probably want to fight fire with fire and take this person head-on. Unfortunately, that really isn’t the right response. It will without a doubt be tempting to shoot back with a counter insult, especially if there is an audience, but simply declining to engage can be more insulting to the opposing party or parties. You can find the best insults here and the best way to battle these types of engagements. Simply agreeing with the person that insulted you will blow their mind and they will not know how to respond.

Thank You May I Have Another

Do you really want to embarrass the person that is insulting you? Well, there is not a more potent way to do so than by thanking them. Maybe your insulter says that you are too skinny and don’t have any fat. In this very instance, it probably means that your insulter is insecure about his or her own weight and saying thank you will only adjust the level of sarcasm to suit you.

Put Your Insulter In The Spotlight

If you really want to send your insulter to the deep end, you will question them about there inquires. Sure, you insulter can easily make a snippy comment about your behavior or outdated wardrobe, but if you question them about their motives it is going to put them on the fences. There is a good chance that you are not the only individual that suffers from these malformations that your bully is putting you down for. Simply ask your tormentor, “ Why does this bother you?” “What is wrong with my appearance?” When they answer it is only going to offend the masses and completely turn the tables.