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The delhi region topper of the JEE Mains is AIR 26 Anjishu Bose. Taking the road less taken, Anjishu despite his rank, is not interested in joining the IITs. His passion has been to study physics and he intends to follow through by joining the BSc course at IISc (Indian Institute of Science) Bangalore, which is one of the premier research and pure sciences institute of the country. This is a very interesting and positive sign. Many of the top rankers of the country are students who are aspiring for a career in research. It tells us two things-

  • And some of the brightest minds in the country are going for research
  • The people who score extremely well in the exams have an interest in the subject that they study

The first point is very good news for the future of research in our country. Already, institutes in India such as TIFR Mumbai, IISc Bangalore, and the IISERs are doing well in several areas of theoretical research. If more talented students join these institutes and the government can provide them with the appropriate funding for research, India will surely make a lot of progress in research.

The second point is a lesson to all aspirants that they have to develop an interest in the subjects that they are studying if they want to reach their full potential!

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