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The stories of financial hardship in regard to acquiring necessary prescriptions are plentiful. What is not plentiful are ways to minimize the costs of those prescriptions. Medicine and drug prices continue to rise while access to them continues to decline. Every day, thousands of parents whose children have ADHD cannot afford to fill or refill prescriptions like Vyvanse. Being limited by money shouldn’t be a hindrance to getting the help those families deserve.

Is Help Available?

Help is available through organizations like HelpRx which uses large quantity or group buying power to negotiate discounts on behalf of millions of people who need access to lower cost medications. In conjunction with OptumRx (big pharmacy benefit provider) and Script Relief (creator of the NPSN card), HelpRx helps consumers save an average of 50% and up to 75% off their prescriptions.

But how do they get those discounts?

Thousands of pharmacies all across the country agree to let cardholders and coupon users get discounts. The savings are much like insurance companies who offer co-pay options. However, these pharmacies want business and those who need prescriptions want fewer claims and less paperwork. So, they pay a transaction fee to organizations like HelpRx each time a prescription is filled at the pharmacy. These transaction fees continue to grow the savings organizations’ abilities to further negotiate better discounts with manufacturers and carry on with passing any savings on to individuals via coupons or discount cards.

Why would pharmacies want to participate in a discount program?

Pharmacies are willing to participate in these kinds of programs because they understand that when members come into the store to fill a prescription, they will often buy other products. It’s a good business decision for the pharmacy and creates a win-win-win situation for them, the customer and the manufacturer.

Are the prices for my prescription the same at all pharmacies?

The short answer is, no. Drug prices and savings vary for a number of reasons due to drugs being generic or name brand. Insurance companies often influence a subscriber to use pharmacies within a network or preferred provider thus confining their members to a limited price or discount.

By using the HelpRx discount card or coupon, like their Vyvanse coupon, you may be able to access deeper savings than using an insurance company’s co-pay fees, especially on generic Rx. Note that these cards or coupons cannot be used in tandem with insurance coverage. However, a pharmacy can check at the time of purchase to compare your potential savings. You get to decide – not the insurance company, not the manufacturer – you decide.

It pays to shop around since manufacturers work out pricing with individual pharmacies. Those prices are not the same across all pharmacies. Thus, there are variations.

It may also mean that they will operate to their own benefit, not yours. If a pharmacy is hesitant to use your card or coupon, remain assertive and ask again. If they refuse to work with your discount options, that doesn’t mean that the card or coupon does not work. It simply means that it’s time for you to shop for another pharmacy. Go to where the price is the lowest to start with and where they will gladly take your card.

What other benefits are available with a HelpRx discount card or coupon?

HelpRx discount cards and coupons are a great option for thousands of users. Here’s why:

  • Anyone can access the coupons with no unnecessary claims or additional paperwork between the consumer and the insurance company.
  • The coupons are not dependent upon whether or not you have insurance.
  • You may use the coupon regardless of the amount of your amount of income.
  • It is available to anyone who applies.
  • You cannot be turned down due to a current illness or previous medical condition.
  • Your privacy is respected and kept just that – private.
  • HelpRx is dedicated to passing on savings to the average person and their families without discrimination.
  • In a market where no one is working to reach a deal on behalf of an individual, the ability to negotiate pricing for a large group works in your favor.


Regardless of what type of discount method fits your family’s needs – pharmacy member savings, coupons, or discount prescription cards – with a minimum amount of research, tenacity, and consumer savvy, you can start saving on prescriptions for all your needs, including Vyvanse.

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