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Are you a pasta addict? Well, who doesn’t like this delicious dish?Children especially love to have it in various shapes and colours. Pasta and noodles often qualify as the favourite food in the kids’ repertoire of delicacies.This is why pasta occupies an important place in the Indian menueven though it doesn’t qualify as staple Indian food.

Kids love to eat them all the time, but parentsare worried about the unhealthy ingredientsin packaged versions. These are overloaded with preservatives and other unhealthy stuff,soparents refrain from giving it to their kids. Even the health-conscious adults are not in favour of eating readymade pasta. Making pastas at home from the scratch is a messy and lengthy process and no one has time and energy to do that.

What’s the Solution? Should We Stop Eating Pastas?

The answer lies in a humble and innovative appliance called pasta maker.

For all those worried parents and health freaks out there, the kitchen appliance makes it convenient to prepare hygienic pasta within minutes. If you invest in this wonderful machine, you can get fresh pasta and noodles in varied shapes in few minutes. All you need to do is place the ingredients in the machine and fix a die of the desired shape. Then sit back and relax while you let the machine follow your orders.

In a total span of few minutes, it will knead, mix and extrude fresh pasta in the shape you prefer – beit fettuccine to spaghetti. Nothing can beat the taste of fresh pasta and the best part is that technology has made it possible to make it at home in a hygienic and hassle-free manner.

Why Is Pasta Maker a Must-Have Appliance, Especially at Homes with Kids?

Kids are often the fussyeaters. They are not easy to satisfy and constantly demand new and tasty food. Pasta maker comes with different shaping dies, which can be used to make different kinds of pasta. You can unleash your creativity and come up with interesting ideas like making coloured pasta to make the meal time interesting.

You can customise the pasta in multiple ways to make it more appealing and healthy. Refined flour, which is mostly used in the packaged versions, can be substituted by whole wheat flour or multigrain flour. You can use vegetable juices in place of water to knead it. You can also add different herbs to improve the nutritional value of pasta.

When it comes to unleashing creativity, there is absolutely no limit. The best part is that when you make pasta at home using pasta maker, you need not worry about preservatives or ingredients.

So, what are you waiting for? Chuck that readymade pasta and make your own at home with a healthy choice of ingredients customised according to your taste. You can also surprise your guests with yummy Italian homemade pastas.