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***Recently the most recent statistics in the USA, drug use human for around 10 per cent of annual HIV cases.***

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HIV (human immunodeficiency Virus) is a viral disease, which assaults the safe framework, the body’s protection system. HIV is not the same as AIDS; AIDS is the term given to the condition once the insusceptible framework has totally closed down and the body has no possibility to get to battling off contamination.

HIV is most usually spread through sex, however it can likewise be passed from moms to their kids amid pregnancy or labor and through offering needles. It is feasible for HIV to be spread through blood transfusions, however the testing methods for blood gift in the created world are advanced to the point that the danger is amazingly low.

HIV is regularly not diagnosed for quite a while after the introductory disease on the grounds that the indications are exceptionally general and most individuals are diagnosed when tests are done for an alternate reason. Side effects of the contamination are typically very much alike to influenza and the normal chilly and they generally show up several weeks after the infection is contracted; indications incorporate a hack, sore throat, by and large feeling unwell and fever.

Drug abuse and HIV – healthchanging.com

Medication utilization can likewise build the danger of contracting HIV on the grounds that it influences your judgment; this is especially risky in terms of sexual conduct. Numerous individuals who have intercourse with others, regularly one night stands, concede that they would not act in the same way in the event that they didn’t drink liquor or take drugs. When you’ve had a ton to drink or you’ve taken medications and your judgment is shady, you may go for broke that you would never much consider when calm, for example, dozing with an outsider, not utilizing contraception or imparting a needle to someone else. In the event that you are a medication client, the exhortation from specialists is to guarantee you utilize clean needles just and abstain from imparting to any other person, regardless of the possibility that you think you know them exceptionally well. There is help accessible for substance misuse through neighborhood wellbeing administrations, for example, your GP, and through philanthropies, for example, the Terrence Higgins Trust and the National AIDS Trust.