While you are in college or University, exams, assignment, assignment submission and completion, meeting deadlines, there are many instances that can make you stressed out. In order to vent out their stress or anxiety, you will come across many students that take refuge in a stress buster. While smoking tobacco has always been a favorite pastime among students, at the same time, these very students are also realizing that tobacco can kill you. As such, newer avenues of stress busting are being experimented with; one of the classical ways is to try out hookahs or more correctly e-hookahs.


Regardless of whether it is Stanford University, Harvard or any other University or college in the world, you are bound to find out few spots within or outside the campus premises where students relax so that they can gear up for the rest of the classes.

Coming back to tobacco and smoking, with the advent of premium e-hookah pens and different flavored e-liquids within the e-cig cartridges, smoking has changed over the years. E-hookahs will allow you to inhale the vapor (which might emanate from nicotine or variously flavored chemicals and e-liquids).

Premium e-hookah pens and its effect on students

Just as one of the many Stanford article rightly state that vapor technology has indeed proved to be beneficial for the students as even if they are smoking e-cigs or e-hookahs, they are not taking in the harmful tobacco stuff any longer. Also, these new smoking devices have proved to be a good alternative for traditional smokers.

As per the article, the advent of these devices has at least prevented students from falling prey to the harmful effects of tobacco and it is a welcome change for the students. Not only that it does not give out second hand smoke which usually harms the ones around the smoker. With e-hookahs, second and smoke is not generated and it is safe for the ones around you when you are smoking.

Shopping for the e-hookah pens

The fact that e-cigarettes and e-hookah pens are available on the World Wide Web has made shopping for the stuff easier. All you have to do is select the right brand of the hookah pens. You have to be sure that it is safe not only for the students but also for the other people buying them. This is because a couple of years ago, there were vendors that were selling e-liquids that contained e-liquids that could harm smokers. But thankfully, these harmful e-liquids were discontinued the moment it was discovered. So, you have to exercise discretion when you are buying e-hookah pens or e-cigs. It is best to buy from reputed vendors and of a good brand that has been approved by majority of the smokers. Meanwhile, thanks to the e-hookah pens and the e-cigarettes that it has saved the lives of many students as these devices prevent smokers (in this case students) from the harmful effects of tobacco that has been identified as one of the causes of cancer among smokers.