You probably know that medical marijuana and strains can be smoked. The same benefits can be seen by eating items with marijuana in them, such as cookies or brownies. Before visiting a Chicago marijuana edibles store, you should educate yourself about the benefits that are offered and some of the ways that marijuana is best prepared in foods.

When marijuana is cooked into foods, such as brownies, it doesn’t have to be consumed to the point that it gets you stoned. You can manage how much is used in the foods that you prepare or only eat part of what you buy in a store that sells edibles so that you only get enough that relaxes your mind and body. The cannabis leaves have high amounts of vitamins and minerals in them that are healthy for the body. These include vitamin K and C as well as folate and iron. There is also a high amount of fiber in marijuana leaves that is brought out when it’s heated in foods that are cooked.

Marijuana leaves are high in antioxidants. These protect the body from some illnesses and can act to decrease the amount of stress in the body. Eating foods that have marijuana in them is a better option than smoking for many people. When you inhale smoke all the time, even though there are benefits of marijuana, the smoke can irritate the lining of the respiratory system. Smoking marijuana can also cause more tar to build in the lungs because you usually inhale the smoke deeper and let it sit in the body longer before exhaling. You won’t have these issues if marijuana is cooked in foods. However, you’ll get the same pain and stress relief from the plant that you would get from smoking, which is why many people use marijuana.