Stress and anxiety in pets remains a constant concern and may have far-reaching effects if not addressed in good time. Along with ensuring a healthy feeding routine, an ingenious and utterly safe way of helping your per relax is the use of hemp dog biscuits.

Some factors leading to stress and anxiety in animals are:

  1. Environmental changes

Storms are known to cause anxiety in pets, particularly dogs. This sort of weather results in barometric pressure changes and static in the air, to which dogs may be reacting to as opposed to the sound. In such scenarios, you may employ the use of anti-static jackets for your canine’s fur.

  1. Noise

The most common instigator of anxiety is noise, usually from fireworks, thunder, or vacuum cleaners. The animals that feel the brunt of anxiety from such noise is prone to PTSD as well. Prolonged exposure is likely to lead to stress.

  1. Separation

Separation anxiety occurs when a close companion ceases to be around the dog, or when the canine is entirely isolated. This form of anxiety manifests in destructive behavior, along with excessive vocalizations and house soiling.

  1. Travel

Just like humans, animals are susceptible to motion sickness. Your dog is likely to feel nauseated, and react negatively to the uncertainty that comes with such a movement. Fear of the unknown and unpleasant memories play a crucial role.

  1. Social

A dog may experience social anxiety towards other dogs, humans, or both. Symptoms of social anxiety include extreme submissiveness or added irritability and aggression. Social anxiety makes interaction with other people or other pets a tough proposition.

Symptoms of stress and anxiety

There are some tell-tale signs that your canine companion is anxious or stressed. Many symptoms of stress and anxiety manifest through exaggerated behavior, and some main ones are:

  • Constipation, diarrhea, or a range of other digestive challenges
  • A reduced appetite
  • Isolation
  • Prolonged sleeping
  • Uncharacteristic aggression toward people and other pets

Ways of Easing Stress and Anxiety in Your Dog

Over time, there have been approaches that have proven effective when dealing with stress and anxiety in dogs. Some of the main ways are:

  1.           A healthy feeding routine

Food forms the basis of your pet’s overall health. With the right choice of food items, be it kibble, canned, homemade, or wet foods. It is critical that you remember to carry dog treats with you on your walks or trips to the park. These snacks help keep your pet’s energy levels up, maintaining a good level of motivation and excitement. CBD dog treats are a great choice, perfectly safe and with a variety of health benefits. The core benefits of these treats are improved appetite, better mood, and improved digestion. These treats are 100 percent organic and are entirely safe.

  1.    Exercise

Exercise is beneficial to dogs just as it is beneficial to humans. A good workout stimulates the production of serotonin, a feel-good compound that circulates the body when we go for jogs or hikes. Exercise also gets rid of all pent-up energy, as well as the tension that may aggravate anxiety. To help your canine’s mental relaxation, jog, hike, and consistently play fetch. You can bring him or her along on your cycling outings. This method is particularly useful in dealing with separation anxiety and nervous tension.

        iii.            Distraction

Dogs are known to startle when facing thunderstorms and fireworks. Finding an innovative way to help your dog focus on you rather than a scary environment can work wonders. Your presence is vital, as you engage your canine companion in tricks he or she is conversant with, along with treats for good performance. Avoid trying new ideas at this point. With consistent application of this strategy, your dog will over time learn to merely focus on the rewards and fun time and less on the storms and fireworks.

        iii.            The Thundershirt

This compression wrap is currently a popular solution for helping relieve anxiety in pets. Available in a range of colors, the Thundershirt is a tightly-fitting innovation applies pressure on your dog’s nerves and brings about a relaxing feeling. The There are varying degrees of efficiency depending on how and when you use a wrap, as well as the unique personality of your dog and any particular pre-existing traits. The Thundershirt is a useful option especially when your dog has noise, travel, or other forms of anxiety.

        i.            Calming music

Dogs have keen senses, including audio and visual perception. Your pup will find it relaxing listening to calm, soothing music, and even sit attentively in from of the television for extended periods. The sound and images bring about a comforting feeling and are useful in calming or relaxing an anxious dog. Music is a practical solution for dogs suffering from separation anxiety as well, and owners may even leave the television or music on when they step out.

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