It is not easy choosing between having a live in care provider and sending your loved one to an elderly facility far from home. Eventually, you might decide that a live in care provider would be better. There is nothing wrong with this choice. It is one of the most popular options for those who need help for the elderly these days.

The only thing missing in the equation is the decision of the patient. This is their care provider. Therefore, they need to be involved in decision making. Of course, not all elderly people can decide for themselves. Some can barely speak and move around. In case they can still make decisions, find a way to have them involved.

What do they want help with?

One of the reasons why it is difficult to ask for a live in care provider is because the elderly tend to resist the idea. For them, it feels like they are treated as useless people. However, when you sit with them and ask them what they need help with, they can be honest about it. They will also feel like they have a choice about what to ask for help with and what not.

What specific activities do they want?

Aside from extending medical services, care providers can also help out in other things. They can be there just to sit down and listen. Some old people love talking and reminiscing about the past. Others just want someone to listen to their rants about life and their thoughts in general. Some older people are still physically capable and they would want someone to be with them for some physical activities. Others want to be challenged in mind games. They need to know that their care provider can engage them when they want to do these things.

What qualities do they want from a care provider?

Older people tend to be picky. They want certain characteristics to be present in their care provider. You can’t give everything they want, but at least do your best in searching for the right person. Besides, you can mention these points when you choose a care agency.

These agencies usually have a pool of staff to choose from. They can recommend the best person for the job based on the specific characteristics that you mention.

After speaking with your elderly relative, you can now start looking for the right care provider. You have to take your time since you are welcoming a stranger to your home. You can’t afford to be with someone whom you don’t trust at all. It takes time, so you need to be patient. You should also have enough budget for this endeavour since it can be a bit costly depending on the length of the contract and types of services requested.