MRE giant is a leading supplier of emergency food to armed forces and civilians . It was originally developed in the 1970s for the U.S. armed forces. It was founded by the group of entrepreneurs with years of experience in the shelf stable food industry. They are passionate about shelf stable food. This food was made to serve safe and good food to you irrespective of the place. These meals have long ledge life and can be consumed anytime. You can contain these meals without warming it up. You don’t need to light up any fireplace to lukewarm these meals. You just need to add two or three drops of water and that’s it, it is warm and ready to consume.

MREs are commonly famous as meals ready to eat. You can also label them self-heating meals.  It is a one-stop store where you can buy various products of MRE meals for sale. They are the US top shelf stable food providers named as XMRE or Ever safe. They aim to provide food for trip outdoors or for an emergency. Their mission is to carry products that keep you doing what you love.

These meals are designed in such a manner to provide a soldier, pilot, sailor or marine. These meals have sufficient nutrition that can provide energy to carry out their duty efficiently. These meals are not so heavy, they can be carried easily. You can eat an MRE cold straight out of its packaging. MRE giant has huge variety of choices. You can buy whatever fits your need.


An MRE meal includes entrees, desserts, drinks and snacks. You can also buy combos, complete meals or just an individual meal. These meals are of incredibly low price. If you want to have warm meal, then you should buy MRE heater. This MRE heater will heat up your meal without any fireplace. These meals are very appropriate in camping, backpacking, emergency supplies and 72hours kit. They provide good taste, quality and nutrition. That is why this meal is popular among civilians these days. They also provide home-style Oatmeals meals.

On 5th of February 2018, MREs have announced release of their new products. Now these meals are not nasty like old days. Now they have more varieties and fully cooked and ready to eat meals. A MRE package has a shelf life of more than five years if stored under right conditions. Chemical heating is the main theme behind MREs. Every package has flameless ration heater (FRH).If you want to consume warm food then add two teaspoon of water and wait for 10 minutes. Now your meal is ready to eat. You should not freeze the food as it will deteriorate the lamination. As a result food will get stained before its actual expiry date. In case you don’t have MRE heaters and you want to have warm food. You can keep the packet in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

MRE meals if kept in right condition can last for decades. Packets of these meals are highly durable, so you can carry them in rough shapes as well. Inside these packets you will find useful stuffs as well. Stuffs like spoon and toilet papers, inside the packets.

BOTTOMLINE: MRE meals were specially introduced for armed forces personnel. MRE meals are ready to use meals with durable package. You can have a MRE cold meal. If you want to eat a warm meal, add some water and wait for 10 minutes. Then your meal is ready to eat.


 Since MREs were made for army officers, so it contains large amount of calories. It contains 1200 calories per package. This is why it is good for outdoor pursuits, but it is hard on stomach. You should not have MRE meals all in one sitting. The MRE meals weights more than the freeze-dried meals. So you should think once while packing it for whole day.

Single MRE package costs 8 dollar to 10 dollar, which is expensive than fresher food and freeze-dried food. Except being expensive these meals have one more disadvantage. You cannot find these foods in your nearby grocery shop. There are some special armed forces supply stores or outdoor stores that may carry them. But they will also have those meals in a limited quantity and variety. Some online stores may also have MRE meals.

BOTTOMLINE: MRE meals contains large amount of calories and are very expensive. These meals are not available in all grocery stores. They can either be purchased online or else in some specialty store. Any store may not have all varieties of MRE meals in large amount. It is not good to have in all day long.


Once the MRE food packet is opened, it needs to be stored in refrigerator. The food inside the package is bacteria free. But when you open the pack, bacteria can move inside the packet.

The shelf life of beverages is much longer than other meals.

The civilians MRE meals are different than armed forces MRE meals. You need to get armed forces MRE meals without using credit card. Civilians MRE meals were made for public use.

MRE meals lifespan depends on the circumstances in which it is kept.

There is a single plastic spoon, a beverage mixing bag and a flameless ration heater kept inside the packet to consume food.

They may also contain accessories like chewing gum, a matchbook, napkins, and a moist towelette. It also has some seasoning like salt and pepper.


MRE meals were introduced for armed forces man so that they can get sufficient nutrition from one meal. One package of MRE meal contains lots of nutrition and calories in it. These meals are perfect for armed forces person when they are in duty. But for civilians, it is hard on stomach. You should avoid eating full meals at one go in a day. It can increase your weight. You should avoid freezing the meal as it can spoil the lamination of the package. These meals should be reserved carefully if you want it to use after long period. These meals are expensive and cannot be found easily in any grocery store. Even after all its demerits it has one best part. You can have it anywhere and anytime.