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What is Jelqing

The medical definition of what is Jelqing, is the act of providing physical exercises to the male sex organ (called the penis) to increase the length and girth naturally. You may use your hands or the Jelqing pump to get the results. Jelqing can be performed by using water, essential oils, veggie oils, or the packaged lubricants. In many aspects it might resemble the act of masturbation. But the desired result is not ejaculation or self pleasuring.

What is Jelqing- Reasons to do it

  • Medical Reasons:Men suffering from erectile dysfunction can benefit. Jelqing is a process which improves circulation of blood through the penis from the base to the tip. It improves the tensile strength of Corpora Cavernosa (The erectile twin tissues located within the penis. It forms the major part of the penis and it is responsible for erection and copulation) and reduces the time required for erection. It stimulates the flow of blood into the Cavernosa and extends the retention time. So, the penis can stay erect for an extended time during intercourse. It strengthens the blood veins and reduces the sensitivity of the penis nerves to friction and stress. Hence, the possibility of premature ejaculation reduces considerably. It softens the texture of the foreskin. So, it becomes easy for the penis tip called the Glans penis to move out of the foreskin during copulation.
  • Masculine Reasons: If you want to know what is Jelqing for masculine reasons, it is the process which is supposed to increase the length and girth of the penis. It is called the male enhancement technique in which the tissues and cells on the penis are made to stretch beyond the normal tolerance limit. You can compare it to the process of physical workout for your muscles during body building. But you don’t have to try so hard. Stretching of the tissues makes them to elongate naturally. They also expand vertically to become denser and stronger than before. So, your penis literally grows. The ratio of growth and thickening depends on your present health conditions, age, existing penile size, foods you consume, and the addictive habits you have. Men who have adopted a healthy lifestyle by quitting addictions and switching to healthier foods have benefited from Jelqing.
  • Health Reasons: If you want to know what is Jelqingfor health reasons, it strengthens the penis base and the dorsal vein, including the nerves and veins connecting to the kidneys. Improved blood circulation can clean up the kidneys and remove the toxic elements. It also improves the function of the testicles to produce more sperms. It can also improve the energy levels within the testicles to improve up the sperm motility and reduce the probability of male infertility. The performance level during the intercourse also improves considerably. Semen analysis of the men who do Jelqing has shown many interesting results. First is the improvement of sperm count. The second is the improvement in sperm health and strength. The third benefit is the increase in the testosterone quality.

What is Jelqing- How to Do it

The easiest method of Jelqing is with your hands. You can use a lubricant like coconut oil, essential oil, or any veggie oil to which your skin is not allergic. Apply lubricant generously all over the length and width of your penis. Make sure you have applied maximum to the Glans penis and the foreskin.

You need to bring the penis to semi erect status. Even if you can’t do it, don’t worry. Once you start Jelquing it will automatically come to the semi erect stage. In some cases you may experience full erection. You can still perform Jelqing without having to worry too much about it. Hold the upper part of your penis (near the Glans Penis) with your forefinger and thumb. Some people call it the OK grip. Slide down to the base by applying moderate pressure.  Once you reach the base you can stop. . You can also follow the reverse path from the base to the tip. You can repeat the session for two or three minutes.

If you have the problem of erectile dysfunction, it may take a few days before your penis reaches semi erect stage at the start. Don’t worry about it too much.

What is Jelqing- When to Do it

You can do Jelqing at any time of the day whenever you feel convenient.  But you have to make sure you have had good nutritious food before you start. Jelqing requires a lot of vitamins for your penis to reach the semi erectile stage. It can also result in ejaculation, if you have the premature ejaculation problem. So, you have to avoid touching the front tip of your penis called the Glans Penis.

What is Jelqing –Best Practices

  • Clean the pubic hair by shaving them off. It helps in getting a good grip over the penis without disturbances.
  • The bottom to top technique stated to be the best. Once you reach the bottom of the Glans Penis, rotate the penis and stretch it slightly forward. But don’t stretch too hard since it can cause pain.
  • Gradually increase the rotation and stretching every day. It is process which allows the Corpora Cavernosa and the entre penis skin to get the best possible exercise.
  • You can also shake the penis in eh OK grip. It is helpful in enhancing the penis girth.
  • You can focus more on stretching, rotating, and shaking after a week or more. It increases the effectiveness, since your penis will be conditioned to Jelqing by that time.
  • Clean your penis with medicated liquid before Jelqing. If you want to know what is Jelqing best practice, it starts from hygiene. Wash your hands with warm medicated water.
  • Gently increase the pressure as you move your OK grip from bottom to top. You can also stretch the penis gently as you move along. Don’t press to the point where it causes pain. Practice thrice a week until you get satisfactory results.